Capital dictor

(Pur3Bl00D) #1

a capital class interdictor is missing from the game IMO. something with missiles that deploy XL size bubbles. Low if not ultra low scan resolution so it take a long time to tackle anything else than a capital, normal resists, small number of slots for modules, HP 1\4 of dread, price bigger than a super.

What do you guys think?

(Mizhir) #2

When I started this game, one of my favourite aspects were that ships of all sizes mattered. It wasn’t just a rush to get the biggest and most expensive stuff, as a talented player in an interceptor could mean a lot to a fight. Unfortunately the game is slowly moving away from that, and tackling is still one of the roles where subcaps are the best choice.

So no.

(Rivr Luzade) #3

We don’t need more capitals, we need fewer. And least of all do we need developers wasting their time on a completely useless ship.

(Vuhdo Rin) #4

As i remember, supers can have a tackle DD so you got this already

(Bjorn Tyrson) #5

so… a ship that costs as much as a titan but can be alpha’d like a battleship, and is going to get called primary almost instantly due to its bubbling role… yeah… that sounds great. 10/10 people will jump all over this ■■■■.

(Pur3Bl00D) #6

I never said it should cost as much as a titan, i said it should cost more than a super

(Dirty Camper) #7

1/4HP of a dread , price > super … sure people will prob. Fly that if a 100m dictor or 500m hic does the same Oo