Capital size interdictor

EVE Online needs one because;

Besides that I think we would absolutely benefit from Dreadnought size interdictor that would be able to launch a bubble about 100 kilometers in diameter. Change my mind.


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Would be a nice idea! Could fix the cyno jammer issues as well, by including a cyno jamming possibility to the ships ‘siege like module’ as long as the activation timer would be long enough for the defender to respond properly…

This idea is in accordance with the current capital meta which isn’t something easily fixed so lets just continue with the path of introducing new shiny ships for omegas and open up the entirely obsolete subcap tree/weaponry for alphas…

I like your thinking, this built in cynojammer/inhibitor would add a great deal into functionality of these ships. It could work same way as current anchorable cynoinhibitors except the range could be for example 250km etc.

Also these ships should be fairly skillintensive and expensive to build, otherwise they would be used in every gatecamp.

Titan proliferation comes to mind, Titans were supposed to be rare due to the same factors you mention… see how it went. :thinking:

Like the idea +1

Edit: Perhaps give this to marauders? Caps are kinda OP at the moment.

No we don’t, caps are out of control.


Slightly OT, but I disagree here in one respect. I don’t think that we need more sheer number of capital ships, but I feel like we could do with some more variety of capital ships. CCP was on the right path when they split carriers into two separate sub-classes, and I still feel like they should do the same with dreads. One type much like current ones that use siege modules and have wicked tanks, another more focused on un-sieged combat that focus more on mobility and DPS than raw tank. One to use for typical fleet fights and station sieges, one to use for dread bombs and the like.

Back on topic, all current Interdictors are T2 hulls. As such, the role of “super heavy interdictor” would likely be better suited to the battleship hulls that currently lack T2 variants. And even then…is this role a necessity? What could you do with a super HIC that you can’t already do with a traditional HIC or 'dictor (aside from look cool AF and try badly to match the fleet composition of a SciFi universe that has nothing to do with EvE)?

Give us something more to work with here aside from trying to match the fleet composition of a SciFi universe that has nothing to do with EvE.


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