New class ship proposal: Capital Interdictors

(Vekyo) #1

Sometimes I think it could be a good idea to add a new class ship called Capital Interdictors. It could be a natural evolution of the heavy interdictor subcapital class with the capital features.

SERAPHIM (Ammar race)
Capital Intedictor bonuses (per skill level):
4% bonus to all armor resistances
5% bonus to Capital Warp Disruption Field Generator scramble range
Role Bonus:
• Can fit Capital Warp Disruption Field Generator

Cost aprox. 7 billions

What do you think about this ship?

(mkint) #2

It would need more fleshing out, obviously. Mixed feelings though. On the one hand, I like the idea of more things dying. On the other hand, more capitals is bad, and this would be especially effective against subcaps which is especially bad. Feels too much like an i-win-button.

(Vekyo) #3

I agree, it should be an extra tactical option of a fleet and, of course, a new shinny thing to blow up :smile: But not a I-win-ship that affects playability with subcaps.

Maybe the new Capital Warp Disruption Field Generator module should only affects at capital and supercapital class ships.

(mkint) #4

That adds to its balance, but then why use this over an alternative?

(Vekyo) #5

When you want to bubble a cap fleet in 85km range for instance. In order for not to be a I-win bubble, I think the Capital Warp Disruption Field Generator should be like a triage module, and ship will not be able to be repaired by FAXes when it’s activated.

Of course, capital interdictors should have the similar HP of a carrier. It would be a tactical and very expensive ship/module made to open the door for blowing up other capital and supercapital ships.

(Mr Lopez) #6

The natural progression of a HIC I would think should be a Battleship hull. Make it only disrupt jumpdrives or something.

(mkint) #7

I don’t think the battleship hull would provide enough value to bother. Having it jump capable means it would move with capital fleets so it would actually get some use and make things die. As much as I want there to be fewer capitals in the game, I think the only way to go on this idea would be capital class.

(Mr Lopez) #8

Kinda makes sense. The interdiction bubble should not effect subcaps in any way though. Or It would be just a deathfield generator for them. Well to me at least.

(Makshima Shogo) #9

What about a ship that redirects all incoming cyno jumps to its location :stuck_out_tongue: Could be fun lol.

(Mr Lopez) #10

That wold be as hilarious to see as it would be horrible to have happen to your fleet.

(Quinlin Harpy) #11

I actually quite like this idea. Obviously make the bubble like a triage module where for 5 minutes it is up, you cant get any reps and are immobile. Obviously activating the bubble would take a massive amount of cap (And maybe stront?). Plus I’d imagine the bubble itself would likely be in the 70-100km range.

I dont really see the point in having it as a focus point because it wouldn’t do anything more than a devoter could, so if you were to have it as a module that could be scripted, maybe make the script similar to the supercarrier remote bubble thing? So you target a ship and when activated it consumes like 3x interdiction probes, lands on the target and bursts into like a 20km bubble?

On the topic of the bubble launcher, it could be beneficial to scrap the interdiction capital idea and simply make a line of capital ships that are capable of using all the remote burst modules supers can and have racial bonuses to each one. For example the amarrian one could get a bonus to the range/neut amount of the neut bubble. These ships would be carrier level EHP/Size, however wouldn’t have access to fighters or remote reps, and instead would actually have damage systems similar to the old carriers, where at carrier V you can field and extra 5 standard drones (10 total) with enough bandwidth to field 10 sentries/heavies. Drone bay would be around 1km3.

Also, each race of these carriers would get a significant bonus to its races EWAR drones, making the neut/damp/tp/web drones actually useful for once. Obviously the issue standing would be what would be stopping big low sec groups from just fielding 50 of them like the old slowcats? Well, a full flight of heavy damage/ewar drones would account for 1/4 of the drone bay, meaning 4 sets max, however the damage bonus on the standard drones wouldn’t be the standard 10% damage/level, it would be something reduced like 7.5% damage/level which should balance it out somewhat. Also, standard carriers would still overpower these ships in true combat roles, these ships would be alot more suited to fleet support/ewar roles.

(Mr Lopez) #12

Fine if they don’t get drones. Fighters yea not drones. And size of drone bay is irrelevant as they will be traveling with moms and other carriers that can refit them and get drones from their fleet bay.

(Polarctis) #13

Was it interdictor or hic which managed to tackle the first titan that went boom? Was it at 2006?

(elitatwo) #14

There were not hics in 2006.

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #15

Add scripts only to the gen, no bubble. New basic skill and advanced for more targets. Infinity point on multiple cap targets rather than an actual bubble out to 100km or more but makes the capital immobile, non RRable, and of course cant jump out due to 5min weapons timer.

With single target at no level, up to 6 targets with L5 and up to 11 targets with advanced L5.

Sort of a siege to use the module.

(Vekyo) #16

As a capital support ship like a Force Auxiliary I think it should use drones instead fighters. But anyway if this ship is implemented it will be ok for me if it uses fighters too.

(system) #17

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