New capitals, Nullifiers (name is just an example)

Dreadnoughts are powerful, being able to take on other capitals and be high damage dealers. However there is a flaw to them, during capital fleets it can end up being a long and slow battle.

An idea came to me which may just be a passing idea, but I thought to put it on here… a capital ship with a specialised weapon, designed for the purpose of stopping an enemy capital ships in its tracks. The weapon would be a type of disruption beam, being only usable every 15-30 mins, this beam would charge up and fire a non damaging beam at the enemy capital.

Non damaging you say? Why have it then?!

Instead of damage the beam causes a massive failure to the reactor, basically turning the powergrid to 0, the cpu to 0, shields to 0 and the capacitor to 0… this will turn all modules off and become unusable, the capital becomes dead weight.

The effect only lasts 15 seconds, then the capital will regain powergrid and cpu, so if in fleet combat it can receive capacitor from force aux capitals and turn on modules one by one.

Overpowered I hear you cry!

The downside to using this special weapon… the ship which fires the weapon will also lose all capacitor, shields will drain and an AOE ecm and capacitor effect with blast from the ship with a 15km radius. The ship will also not be able to warp for 60 seconds.

The many issues surrounding the idea starts here…

The caldari version obviously will be at a disadvantage, being shield tanked… so the ship will have a levelled % bonus to reduction in shields lost, or something similar to bring balance.

The special weapon seems too powerful… if it follows the same ewar ruling for supers and titans and can’t be used against supercarriers or titan then this eases the issue.

Due to the style of weapon the ship carrying it can’t have too much other offensives, so there will be no drone bay for any of them.

Please let me know your thoughts, thanks for reading!

Viktor Kar’off

:rofl: As if titans and supers weren’t already way too powerful. Now you want to neuter the only thing that can threaten them a little bit. You do you.

This idea is completely bonkers and goes in the completely wrong direction. If anything, it should specifically target supers and titans and leave everything else alone. Then it would be at least worth considering.


Lovely response that follows the rules of the forums… but then again, what can be expected from a Pandemic Legion fleet grunt… 100% gangs on zkill and usually flying an intercepter.

And someone who regularly is subjected to the ridiculousness of titans and supers. People who think these ships should be even more powerful belong to a very special place, you know? :wink:

Just a bit of an example:

Making titans and supers even stronger is the very utterly last thing EVE needs. And anyone who suggests such thing should be countered with utmost prejudice.

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When you run out of real discussion just attack the people who don’t agree with you.


if the ship design was made to be aimed at only supers/titans would that become more viable? I have been in capital battles myself and tbh I hate cap fights, hence the desire to change the mechanics lol

Yes, and I hate them, too. To the core.

As said, if this thing was to neuter supers and titans, it would be worth considering. These ships need to be brought back down from their power trip.

Especially when you end up against alliances that use mass super blobs… sorry for my bad reply, wasn’t the best way to conduct myself on the forums…

I don’t mind. I get heavily worked up when I see things that help supers and titans even more.

Speaking of dreads: They are already severely hampered. Not only are they stuck in place for 5 minutes, they furthermore cannot receive remote repairs and they are easily volleyed off of the field by supers and titans. Some balance needs to be brought back that works against supers and titans and not in their favor. :slight_smile:

maybe this ship design could bring back the balance when used along side dreadnoughts :slight_smile: I did think about looking into an idea for a tech 3 capital ship, but that would be damn crazy, haha

Maybe if dreadnoughts were given a bigger bonus to self reps and resistances when in siege mode?

CCP tried the resists part with the Hull Energizer. Works not so well if you look at the above video.

Yeah I noticed, those type of capital fights was what made me sell my dread toon, I did enjoy the phoenix though

It ultimately sounds like your fundamental concern is that the battles are long and “slow”.

I can’t agree that they’re slow, especially in blobfests, but I can agree that they’re long. Because of blobfests. They lag the server and crank the TiDi up.

That said… I can’t agree that this idea would ever be a good thing. It would literally stop anyone from bringing any capital to any fight. You may not enjoy capitals, but I certainly do.

Ultimately, the fix is to fix the triangle. And what I’m about to say is completely different from your topic, but it does address (in my mind at least) your stated concern.

Capitals should be exceptionally powerful against capitals and structures.
Structures should be exceptionally powerful against subs (and conceptually other structures)
Subs should be powerful against capitals and other subs.

We’ve (hopefully) all seen star wars, and what a single x-wing did to the death star. We all know what happens when a single dude with a shoulder launched rocket can murder the ■■■■ out of a tank, or what an aircraft can do with a single missile to a boat.

Against a fortizar, it should be almost pointless to make the attack without capitals. But it should be pointless to bring capitals without subcaps to support them. EDIT: ■■■■ highsec, they can have astras.

The subs protect the capitals, the capitals do the heavy lifting. (Super)Carriers in general need to have their engagement profiles narrowed considerably, and HAWs need to go away.

Thus my thoughts

  • 20x the EHP, minimum damage, and damage cap on structures. Make subs worthless against anything bigger than an astra.
  • Carriers lose LGAF bonuses and instead get SSF bonuses. They become escorts for space superiority.
  • Supercarriers get ■■■■ application against anything smaller than battleships. They remain good at killing other capitals.
  • Get rid of HAWs. For the love of bob.
  • Titans lose AOE DDs. These were stupid the first time, stupid the second time.

Subs have no problem shooting capitals already… they just can’t take the heat they get in return from the fighters. So nerf the fighters, remove the HAWs, and now they won’t be at any real danger against capitals.

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