Capital Pilot for sale! 37mil sp JDC and JFC 5! t2 industrial core

37mil sp pilot with 150k sp to use

He can fly rorqual and fit t2 industrial core but it needs the skill book capital industrial ship and panic skill.

so withing 1 hour of training and hes t2 siege in a rorqual

Fighters V
Light Fighters V
Support and Heavy Fighters IV

minmatar carrier to lvl 4

injected caldari carrier.

10 days away from jump freighter of choice

2 remaps

all ccp rules

positive wallet, will pay transfer.

Priced at 40 billion.


bump price drop

40b buyout?
free bump

40 bil B\0

sold to kopai send in isk in game and a mail in game with account name / or contact in game. once info and isk is given will start transfer.

isk and account name send in eve mail box

info and isk received. transfer started. enjoy

Another player is transferring the character kydutzu Gard to your

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