Capital Ships Spotted in Hothomouh

While tethered to a citadel in Hothomouh, three capital ships, a Revelation, Moros and Rorqual emerged on the NPC station close by.

Was tethered up but soon found the tether no longer keeping safe and was soon in a pod.
At least two bait citadels are being used to trap unsuspecting travelers.

Other ships discovered in the system are a Sin, Panther and Paladin.

Thats you? Or did you use the Praxis?

To keep it short, ever citadel you dont know the owner of, is a baitcitadel.

Capitels can travel via NPC stations, so seeing 3 of them is no special intel. Its propably just a single player moving some ships.

Personal tipp, dont use battleships in lowsec, if you dont know exactly, what you are doing.


i don’t understand what you are talking about OP? what is the relation between capitals spotted and you being killed by subcaps ?

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This guy.

Shocking. You undocked something in Derelik and got dropped on by Purple Helmeted Warriors. I would have never expected that to ever happen.


can someone translate for me?

Do not try to unravel the infinite ball of string that is Dryson mind.

The dude is extra special… I think he only now heard of the tether now your dead citadels. How else are people supposed to catch jump freighters or fruitcakes like Dryson :).

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You might even call it...

…a Dryson Sphere :smirk:

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oh wow Uriel.
After reading some reddit shitposts from test about the current war, your post gives me back some trust in the human beings…

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Closed this thread as it is not about scamming people in Jita with fireside sales or those 'give me one billion and I will give you back two."

Holy ■■■■ man … :smiley:

48 Minutes until you get your well deserved Like.

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