Raitaru Description unclear about not tethering capital

(ZaiusKhan) #1

Please, change the last sentence in the Description of the Raitaru to make it clear that the Capital won’t be tethered.

Right now “The Raitaru provides tethering technology and has docking capabilities for subcapital ships and freighters.” means that it provides tethering technology and it has docking capabilities for subcapital.

However, it does not provide tethering technology to capital… I tried.

(Ocean Ormand) #2


You probably didnt have docking rights with the rat. If you dont have docking rights you cant tether.

(ZaiusKhan) #3

I had docking right, I could dock after.

(Persephanie Mae) #4

They already told you on reddit that you got baited.

How about you ask your giant alliance

You are just proving you are ignorant and proves you were easily baited.

Check the doods that killed you out. They do that often.

You are in MegaAlliance, yet failed at moving a cap cuz you got baited


(ZaiusKhan) #5

I joined this alliance a few hours ago… nothing to do with this post…

(Persephanie Mae) #6

How about you go ask them about docking rights/moving caps/tethering.

They may be able to get it through to you

(ZaiusKhan) #7

Well, some told me we could tether some other told me we can’t, which is why I posted here that the description is not really accurate and people doesn’t seem to know exactly how the mechanics work.

(Forseti Valkyrie) #8

Is the Rorq a sub-capital? Nope. Is the Rorq a freighter? Nope.

You want it to say the inverse. Either way it means the exact same thing. Alternate facts are real.

(Dracvlad) #9

If you have been given docking rights then you could tether even if the ship is not able to dock, however it is not advisable to use third party EA’s or citadels as they can just remove your docking rights which will end the tether enabling them to blow you up.

Your Rorqual can only dock in a Fortizar or an Azbel or better.

If you start getting bumped you should safe log, also be very careful at warping to any structure as you are just within tethering range so you can be easily bumped out of range.

If you are unclear you should ask your leadership, generally Test has a lot of their own citadels and those of trusted Coalition partners that they can use.

PS Don’t get upset by people rubbing it in, a lot of people have fallen for this.

(Cade Windstalker) #10

A Citadel/EC/Refinery of any size will Tether a ship of any size.

Either there was something preventing you from tethering, like someone locking you, or you didn’t have docking rights at the Citadel in question. If you docked after someone blew you up then they probably gave you back docking rights after you went pop.

(ZaiusKhan) #11

Yeah, this is probably what happened, I did another try elsewhere and it worked correctly…

(Abyss Azizora) #12

^ This is the best reply thus far, follow his info. Also it’s advisable to make custom bookmarks closer than standard warp to range to help avoid bumping. Never trust 3rd party citadels, treat them like they are hostile.

(Vol Arm'OOO) #13

A lot of people dont understand the mechanics - they think that only a member of the corporation that owns the citadel can pull docking rights - that is not true. If you see some strange neut sitting in a system you want to cyno into, that alt may very well be a scout with the capability of pulling docking rights and cyno-ing in ships. Also one interesting twist is that you can white list cyno alts but ban everyone else - so when the cyno alt comes in and checks out the freeport and sees that he/she is able to dock/tether he wont necessarily realize that he has just been white listed while rights for the general public have been pulled. This means that when the cyno is lit - the jf or carrier or whatever wont have docking rights and will not be tethered upon landing. Its always good fun when it happens right.

(system) #14

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