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Capitals in Highsec ? ? ?

  • No, never ever again
  • Yes, but perma suspect

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I always enjoy seeing threads like this. The puny and insignificants can only see as far as their nose with their short sighted “I get to fly a capital in highsec!” idea, without realizing that you are inviting the capital blob of nullsec.

Nullsec already controls Perimeter through the market. You want them to come and control systems with their armies too? Congrats, you can fly a Carrier around and run missions with them. Oh no! You just got ganked by five dreads and melted before you could do anything since your highsec carebear Carrier was shitfit.


I know there a lot of threads about this topic out there, but i thought a survey would sum up best, where everybody stands on the topic. Are the options not clear enough?

I’m not going to answer because I feel the best approach, if CCP is ever to allow capitals into hisec, is more nuanced. (If you can, you may want to make a third poll entry for “other”.)

See my thread on the matter here.

Short version: allow carriers and dreads only to use gates into 0.5, 0.6, 0.7 systems, but make them suspect by doing so unless their personal standing with the empire faction owning the system is high enough. 0.8, 0.9, and 1.0 systems would still be off limits to all capital ships. No cynos in hisec (although you can still jump out), no titans, supers, or rorqs in hisec, and I’m on the fence with FAXs.

Keep in mind, I’m still not sold on the idea. But I think it’s the most workable proposal I’ve seen, and it fits neatly with the whole ongoing Triglavian/Drifter Invasion theme.

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“Results will be shown on vote”

What if I don’t want to vote?

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Then you count as a non voter.:grin:

I don’t see the Yes option. What if I want capitals without perma suspect? Either way I selected your yes but perma suspect option, its the closest to what I want to see.

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But I can’t see the results.

Only voters can see the results. No involvement, no information.:grin:

Given that I’m not a teenaged girl, and don’t suffer from fomo. I guess I will never know.


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Agreed the poll needs to be redone, yes but perma suspect will just give power to nullsec blocks and griefers, the solo player won’t have any benefit. I vote yes but perma since it’s the closest to my stance, but it is nowhere near the correct one in my eyes.

I cannot change it anymore. Why don’t you make your own?

I can try but it may be merged, one second.

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Only way capital ship should be allowed into factional highsec is if player has 7+ standing with said faction.

Any entry into faction space below said standing bring factional navy forces to bear.
And any Doomsday module detect causes the same thing no matter standings with faction.

Any standing or security lose should be double if in capital, triple if in super and quadruple if in titan.
So ganking with these power ship have a larger penalty.
I would go one step further, and add standing looses along with the normal security looses at equal rate.

As an added feature, if player in Capital or large any killrights and bounties have an added boost to the rewards given. So the default player with an CCP boosted isk bonus based on size capital to titan.

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