SERIOUSLY: Bring All Capitals Back To HighSec. :nyanparrot: VOTE

There is NO valid reason NOT to have Titans in High-Security Space.

VOTE Yes if you agree and No if you don’t.

  • Yes
  • No

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Winner gets a free Nyx!


I agee. CCP screwed up EVE anyway so we can go into full R mode.


How do you win a poll?

I figured it out. I saw you could vote twice, so I did. You tricksy pollster.

So…did I win?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Goon troll obvious troll xD

OP wants better means to attack the hi-sec keepstar in Perimeter… so nope. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re WAY ahead so far…

The poll should read:

There is NO valid reason NOT to have ALL SHIPS in High-Security Space.

I can’t change the wording now that it’s started :frowning:

You cannot add or remove poll options after the first 5 minutes. Please contact a moderator if you need to edit a poll option.

no no it should read

“Goons laughing at being able to run the CSM and have ccp implement our silly ideas so now start voting to let us have our titans in highsec so we can get out total domination out of the way faster”

I am not pro-goon.

I’m simply saying that there’s no VALID reason.

ALL ships can use jumps gates in NULL. BTW: The new gates look nice…

its odd because the rats in that picture are indeed blood raiders :wink:

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Im konfused.

Why you want capitals in high sec?

How else would you mine all those asteroid belts in high sec quickly, if not with Rorquals?

I think carriers/dreads/fax would be fine. No cynos, tho. Just gates. Only gates and normie caps.

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Ok, so what is it called if you have multiple majorities?

Maybe there is no valid reason, but I will just go with the popular trend of claiming it’s hurting newbro retention because I don’t want to admit I just don’t like Capitals.

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CCP_Round :wink:

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So how are people going to kill capitals in highsec with their pilots hiding in NPC corps ?

Does the OP understand the meaning of the words “not”, “valid”, and “reason” ?

Capitals are ships that can be killed by other ships, they don’t need to be in any corp to exist or die. lol

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Try killing one with Concord in your face.

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Please don’t bother him with something intelligent. He might flag you for harassement.

I can’t stoop low enough to get to his level, besides he’s had more practice.


If I were Trey, I’d be quite pleased with myself.

Look at all the people that should know better posting seriously in this thread. It’s like only angry people are left playing this game. Like vultures sitting on a branch waiting to pounce on helpless prey. Like y’all work yourselves into a lather before you even log in to the forum. Like the only color you see is red.

Well done, Trey. I’m going to like the OP purely for the pleasure this thread has given me.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses: