More Accurate Capitals in Highsec Survey

  • No Capitals in Highsec
  • Capitals but with permanent suspect status and 0.5-0.7 limitation.
  • Give me my Nyx in Jita!

0 voters

Naari, stop spamming the same topic.


Not looking good is it…

you’re a numb nut if you think Capitals are a good thing in high sex.

Lets count each corp as 1 vote shall we since 99.99% of your corp is all newbros who u spammed in the recruitment channel and who most likely doesn’t even know wut a cap is XD


He’s probably spamming his Discord right now GO VOTE YES, GO VOTE YES

Why do these kids keep trying to get capitals in high sec?

Do they think CCP will allow them and only them to fly capitals? Do they not realize that major nullsec groups like Goons will just flood highsec with their thousands of capitals? They would love the opportunity to kill highsec capitals flown by people who don’t know how to properly fit them or how to properly use them. It’d just be free kills.

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