Capsuleer Outfitters Wanting PVP Pilots (US & EU TZ)

Free goat milk for all \o/. Get your pew on.

Always looking for more Goats.

Wut u waiting for?

Sunday bump, looking for people that actually want to pew, is that you? Bleach included.

Get your gang banging on. Do it! Do it now!

Bump of the day

Still looking for EU TZ join the ones who already have.

Good fights to be had with good pilots

Come on join up today, looking for quality players who wanna pew.

Morning bump, free bleach Say No To Blue Doughnuts!

Still looking for decent pilots that wanna have fun and PVP

Morning bump!

Join today for the upcoming slugfest, but not only that, join to fly with some great people. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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