Capturing citadels

It is my belief this mechanic would create more content. If the structures aren’t being blown up now because it’s at huge time sink and not worth it. I believe adding the ability to capture, unfit, unanchor and transport to market would create more content.

Maybe they go up and down all the time, maybe no one does this because it’s too difficult giving you can’t help the ship with the active entosis link.

I get you all want to blow everything up, but if you’re not doing that now, how does this change it?

The market would be flooded by captured structures, significantly decreasing demand and making it tougher for industrialists.

Perhaps, if you really want such an idea to work, you could add a consumable ‘Upwell Structure Capture Device’ that you need to build/purchase that you use to reprogram and capture the station. This thing would have significant build requirements, say half of an Upwell structure, so that there still would be loss of materials during the station transfer. That doesn’t mitigate the problem completely, but at least you are trying to offset the harm you are causing to industrial gameplay to implement your idea.

While I am not sure on the specifics of your proposal, I do agree that something needs to be done to give more reasons to fight over structures. Hopefully that something might come as part of the upcoming wardec revamp.

I’d also be concerned about structures being capturable leading to increased calls about boarding and capturing ships.

Destruction isthe only tru way to drive the market IMO.

I can see the point from an abandoned structure clean up perspective, but agree with the general consensus that destruction is needed for the economy to move.

I’d support a capture mechanic if it only allowed self-destruction of the facility.

I would rather see the hacking be more active (wince - like the hacking mini game) where multiple players have to pass. “Hack shield generators” “hack hanger door” “hack security” each requires a new player. Perhaps make this only available during reinforcements (so you still have to pound a little), if you fail enough you can’t hack until next reinforce.

If successful, you can launch self-destruct and save yourself from hours of pounding an abandoned structure. To give a small incentive to try it (besides time savings) perhaps increase the structure loot % by a few % (2-5? no idea).

You would need a way to classify it as abandoned though (no members of the owning corp have docked for x days?)

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