Ship Capture

How about allowing the capture and destruction of both player and NPC ships through the use of marines? A whole new aspect of the game could be created revolving around the marines, their assault craft, skill levels, etc. I know I’d be very interested in a game feature like this.

Wouldn’t this basically destroy the ability to make ISK mining non-moon ores due to the massive amount of minerals/ships farmable from npcs?

Also, how well is this going to work on, say, a titan? Like can I fly up with a frigate, toss some marines at it, and boot the titan pilot out of his seat ezpz?

Destruction is important for the economy.
Also balancing ship capture is basically impossible.

It’s an interesting idea, especially as it provides me with confirmation bias. This bias is against killboards and time-delayed self destructs, as well as against lack of ship boarding and capture mechanics.

I don’t like proposed marines mechanic. However, if I could simply bail out of a ship at 10% hull, leaving behind option of crippled ship being boarded by attacker, I probably would. Incentive for me, apart from saving pod/ implants, would be loss of kill board stat for pirate. If pirate boards they lose stat but gain ship and likely make much more isk. Or, they can still go for kill, get stat and whatever loot fairy allows. Either way, I’ve got much more chance of making clean get away in pod.

(A variation on above would be to allow me to self-destruct in real time. Downside would be instantaneous destruction should also take out pod. As I’m going to die anyway, and have no interest in PvP, I like the idea of at least being able to deny the spoils to the victor. Although they would still get the wreck they would not get the kill stat.)

What is the benefit of this proposed mechanic and why is it needed? Increasing complexity is not a good thing by itself, you need something that justifies the complexity. And so far all you’ve done is establish that you could in fact add a lot of complexity with your idea.

Citadel capture in hull timer.
Alliance may capture one citadel every 2 weeks.
Capture is decided with one or many objective based first person shooter matches.
Both sides need minimum number of players who own the first person shooter game.

Ship capture could be prevented through the use of defensive marine contingents on board any ship. The larger the ship, the larger the defensive marine contingent capacity. Therefore, a frigate sending a boarding party to a titan would only be a way to destroy your boarding marines.

This is a part of the EVE Vision trailer and what people believed would become the successor to DUST.

Structure capture could also be accomplished using an algorithm weighing number of attacking and defending marines, skill level of the marines, etc. I would think the defending forces would have an advantage as in real life.

If you want to take someones ships just point him and dont kill him, he’ll get bored and jump out eventually, or his friends will show up

id like to see this implemented on an rts thing inside of eve, think facwar or incursoins, planetary landings and station assualts; that sort of thing - but not for capture of npc or player ships… though maybe some form of it could be used vs citadels… course that would probably have to be more of a squad based aspect (1 squad, timer based - doesnt itself cause the destruction of the citadel but some other effect, perhaps less tank or adjustment of timer closer to one that suits), station assualts would be a bit bigger maybe include other small ad specialist units and panetary landings would include all sorts of other units from tanks and ships to well, anything you might find planet side.

that would be far too much to ask tho.

“If you leave the ship we won’t pod you.”

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