I want to steal your ships, with ships!

I think we should have a capital ship theft …ship… a capital/BS ship (maybe marauder??) who’s only use is to trigger a timer on another capital ship that kills that ships pod allowing any other pod to enter that ship as if abandoned. I know tears about how that is too profitable… And i say it is no difference than Rorq profitability vs reward so many ships die when a Rorq gets tackled both side. Same when a ship would be tackled and a Boarding Party Timer is started… and maybe make militants a actual commodity. Give rep bonuses to a ship being boarded??? More reason to make isk in groups not solo…

I don’t think we need an entire ship just for taking other ships…

But I guess I could see some kind of Entosis Link type module, that attempts to take over control and eject the owner’s pod.

There was a game, before EVE, called EV (Escape Velocity). Some say EVE is a direct ripoff of EV. The devs deny it, of course, but there are some striking similarities, not just the name.

Anyway, in EV, when a ship ran out of HP it became “disabled”, dead in space. Another shot would kill it, or you could try to board it. If you boarded, the two crews would fight, usually the bigger crew would win but there was some chance involved. I think there were casualties from the spaceship fight too, meaning you could board bigger ships. Anyway, if your crew won you could take the ship, either as your own or basically as a drone that would follow you around and take orders. Or you could steal their cargo and move on.

I’m not sure how viable a mechanic like this would be in EVE, but it was fun in EV, back in the day.


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