Person capsual logic

This person in a capsule thing is born just because of a limitation of the programmers. The players could at this point just be AI’s with the clone transferring and stuff. It’s clear this game was born of paper games like Space Opera and Space Master from the 80’s. So that being said, one aspect of the game which should be introduced is ship boarding. They need to fix capital ship battles so 20 small torpedo ships can’t gank a capital ship for one, the insane loss to cheaper ships really ruins the capital ship on capital ship battles that should be a thing. You should not be able to destroy a capital ship without using another capital ship. If you want to make money from the salvage of capital ships you should have to use some boarding systems that only other capital ships have.

My two cents. Balance this game, so having a capital ship is fun and worth it.

What the heck have you people been doing for the past 17 years?

And why has the Rorqual arguably a PVE ship not let into high sec. Some people may just want it for its non-gank target abilities.

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