Ship to Ship Raiding and more!

Hello everyone!

I have played EVE off and on over the last decade. I finally decided to full invest into the game and really try to deep dive into it all!

Ok, for my ideas:

  1. Ship to ship Raiding. My thought with this is along the lines of when Darrow O’Lykos takes control of another capital ship by launching himself from a launch tube into the main deck of the enemy ship. (Red Rising series). We already have Marines as an item in the game. I’m not familiar enough with large fleet conflict to be specific, but what if you could raid another ship and either steal loot or take over the ship entirely with a raiding party of marines? New ships or ship equipment designed specifically to fire these Marines into ships with no shields? Maybe include structures as raidable sources? With structures, you could maybe used raiding ships in small gang warfare to steal other corporation assets from their structures?
  2. Exotic dancers. These are also in the game so why not create smaller structures that smaller corps or small groups of players could get passive income from a brothel, casino, etc. These structures could be destroyed, or raided to take over ownership. Maybe have classes or tiers of these structures that can be built based on skills as well as maintaining the structure like you would a keepstar or astrahaus?
  3. Scientists. These are in the game as well so why not give them some functions? Structures that focus on research and development? They could develop new blueprints after a certain timer? You could use mission rewards to award DNA, or some other form of resource to start research jobs? These structures could have bonuses to researching blueprints to upgrade from T1 to T2, and so on?
  4. WH player made stargates. Gates created to keep a WH open? These gate structures would need to be maintained to keep it open/stable, but could provide a highway for small gang warfare to reach out farther than their own neighboring systems?
  5. Personal crests/seals that show up on player made ships in space. Have a favorite manufacturer you buy from? Showcase your “brand” by flying ships that have their brand/logo on your ships hull! Adds a personalization aspect to the game. I believe this could create a fun competition between manufacturers/industry corps!

Just some thoughts I’ve had when reading my favorite books and thinking about my own random things while at work.

Let me know if anyone thinks these could work! I hope some more experienced players can give some more insight for these as well. Tell us why it could or could not work.

-Celestial Reborn

huh? Do you raid the staff of the wizard?

Ships are like ammo, remember this and you’ll have a much better time.

When CowRocket Void says ships are like ammo, what he means is that the cheepest ships are cheeper than ammo with the most dps.


Anyway, we already have skins for ships,

WH stargates would basically break WH space,

We already have research and development, that’s how tech II and tech III BPC’s are made.

Not sure about exotic dancers, but one thing you should know is that Isk is a high value currency in-universe. think in terms like this: one kilodollar is worth 1000 dollars. One megadollar is worth 1000 kilodollars. One gigadollar is worth 1000 megadollars. One teradollar is worth 1000 gigadollars.

In-universe, one isk would be worth something like a teradollar or two. So mony gotten from exotic dancers would completely inconsequential. Even if you collected that money for a century, you wouldn’t come close to making an isk.

of course, isk compared to irl dollars is considerably lower value, with a billion isk going for 15 bux, so maybe that’s a better headspace for you, idk.

finally, regarding ship to ship raiding… dude, theres no point. pilots already lose their ships if they get destroyed, and besides, the pilot has complete nural control over the ship, they’d be able to strategically remove air from parts of it.

Even if raiders were somehow able to take control, it’s no skin off the pilots back, he can just hit self destruct and he doesn’t have to worry about anything cause he lives in a pod, it’s not like it would affect him.

It is not. Isk has a variable exchange rate, in developed systems it is likely 1 to 1 exchange rate, and this has been supported by in game news articles as well.

For the rest of the ops post, no.

1 to 1 exchange rate with what?

That makes sense for the ship to ship idea, but what about the structures? Structures of course could get new mechanics for raid defense, but I think it could still add new content for small gang warfare to warp in and try to come away with loot. It would also create content for people defending their own space as well?

I know we already have research on stations, but the research structures I’m talking about could have bonuses for it? Faster research times or more upgraded blueprints (instead of getting one copy maybe you’d get two?).

With the planetary currency.
The whole idea that 1 isk = 1 million planetary dollars comes from a single throw away comment over a decade ago while more recent news articles and discussions with lore devs show it is far more variable depending on a number of factors.
Either way given we measure our earning rates in millions per hour we are filthy rich.

other than point 4 and 5 I personally have made posts about these ideas in previous months.

personally i am for this idea.

Regarding Point 1:
I think having a space faring warbarge using NPC marines as it currently stands in the game is actually a great idea, should the war clones ever make a return into the game the information and game play features to help support them would then already exisit in the game.

Regarding Point 2 & 3
actually i do like the idea of small structures being put into the game, again its something i pitched, but having small structures which have the conquerable mechanics used might make for interesting warfare.

before I made a post about refining over time, the TLDR resposne was: people said they would be okay with it, if the yield was worth while.

so lets have a look at the mechanics which sort of just bounced out a bit regarding compression, the point is that the new compression mods will be more efficent in producing less waste than a structure.

so how about a small anchorable (conquerable) structure which specialises in refining only one specific type of mineral (two rig slots 1 for a quantum core and another for mineral type) only accepts compressed ore.

the strucutre will have a module which will cycle even if no one is in the refinery limited to X amount of compressed ore at a time.
the structure vulnerability timer could be the only time when you could conquer this structure.

due to it being a small structure instead of 1 hour invulnerability, perhaps 15 - 30 minutes instead.

perhaps if you put slaves in these refineries it helps lower the cycle time
same with scientists in a small structure which would be used for research or invention.

point 4 i don’t think should be a thing

however point 5 could be interesting, to make a ship or some ammo but put your own brand on it.

that would be kind of cool.

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