Career Agents done Quick Guide

Hello, I am Arcanith Lionheart, and I bring to you all a list of 5 videos explaining how to complete the Career Agents.

Keep in mind that these videos are Purely to show how to complete them, it is not going in-depth about the mechanics that each career agent is teaching you, it just shows the basics tagged along with a bit of humour and some memes, which may not be suited to every single one of you. They also assume that you have completed the basic Tutorial when you first make a character.

So without further delay, I introduce the Career Agents videos, narrated by the wonderful Daniel Text-to-Voice guy!

They can also be found in the playlist Here!

:warning:DISCLAIMER: Some, if not all, of the videos contain some profanity, proceed with caution.

Do comment your thoughts here or on the videos themselves like them if you liked, dislike if you disliked, give out your honest criticism to help me improve and better myself.

Reason I made these videos was because I noticed how many, many people simply do not bother reading the mission briefing, I saw a guy struggle on the second exploration mission for Days and another one that blew up his good frigate on the suicide mission. Another factor that inspired me in making these was how most of the videos online, despite being well structured and very well made unlike mine, just might take a bit too much of your time explaining One mission, either because they take their time narrating the mission briefing or due to wanting to explain the mechanics of what you have to do as best as they can.

And the reason I used Daniel was because I am a very calm and chill guy, so I do not speak as fast as our wonderful Daniel here, plus he does a better job bringing the humour for me, at least in my opinion.

I might do others talking about things in more detail over time, more serious and without the text-to-voice of course, but I just want to see how well these do for the public, if they help or not, cause seeing these five helping others is a huge motivation for me to keep helping people.

Thank you for taking your time reading the post and watching the videos, fly safe o7



Definitely different, a tad cynical but very comical to say the least.

Liked how you gave different titles to each Agent going from Pimp, to Sensei, to The Trashman, to Scrooge McDuck and finally ending with Big Smoke.


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I really really loved some of the endings on that, most of it was through improvisation, which on a structured video doesn’t really go well when you got time to do things.

But I guess it is a lot better than what I planned to do in the first place, only text to explain everything in a more serious manner. The videos were recorded on a temporary character for a brand fresh start, only a month after I decided “Hey, now that I look at these videos, most of them are Soooo Loooong, I’ma try to do something about that, and maybe give some humour.”

Thank you for watching o7 :smiley:

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I must be doing something wrong.
I talked to my Pimp, got the paper out of the box with goodies, but I’m still waiting on my divorce!


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