Cargo Zero Button

Who hate’s trying to figure out how much salvage/loot/ore they’ve mined compared to the gear they may have stashed in their cargo hold at the beginning of an op. We’ve all done it thousands of times. All the math hurts me/us.

Let’s have a button we can hit that will zero the est. price of our cargo, the way a precision scale would at the work place when you’re loading small parts into a box and need to accurately know the weight of just the parts. Great idea right!

CCP please do this. Simple quality of life (I know you hate us, but please) change.

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I have honestly no ■■■■■■■ clue what you’re talking about. Please translate your gibberish to English.

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Hi Sharkbite. How are you today?

It’s not that complicated. You start mining/salvaging/etc with 1 million ISK and 1500m3 of ammo/cap charges/etc in cargo. You press the “zero” button and the displayed numbers for volume and value reset to zero, so that you are only seeing the volume and value added as you put the “real” cargo into your hold.


I am awed you managed to distilled this from the drivel the OP posted.

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Isn’t it quite easy to highlight anything that isn’t your ammo to see how much extra you’ve grabbed?

Ctrl-A (to highlight everything) -> Ctrl-deselect anything you don’t want to count.

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It’s possible, but it involves more clicks and doesn’t work nearly as well if your cargo isn’t in a well-sorted order.

The problem with this proposal is that when you zero out, then reload some ammo, the “zero” would be incorrect. What if really like is a way for each shop to specify what it’s equipment is, including ammo, scripts or spare modules. Then have a button that ignores that equipment so you can just see the new cargo. It would the. Be easy to drop loot at a station without accidentally dropping the annoyed you meant to stay with the ship.

He’s asking for the equivalent of a tare or zero button on a scale. Like, if you were weighing out your meals, you’d put the bowl on the scale first, hit the tare button to bring the weight back to zero, then add your veggies, hit the tare button, and so on.

Anyway, he wants this so that he can easily see the value of the loot/ore he’s picked up while doing his thing.

By the way Kalul, you don’t have to do math. Just use a combination of Shift and Control clicks to select just your loot, and Eve will give you the value of that.


does not work with stackable items. Like, most of the items you wanna mine/salvage, if not all.

Use containers for that - just have one at the station and put all the loot there at the end of mining/krabbing operation.

that’s literally the same as dropping your stuff in station.
Obviously this is not a solution that actually answers his problem.

you can also carry containers with you - they will also provide bigger overall cargohold.

Except that using them in that context actually reduces your cargo.


and like always: move this to please



He never leaves high sec and is using his ship as storage, it doesn’t work well and he wants improvements.

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Seems ideal for CCP Karkur’s “little things” master thread. The explanation just needs some tidying up, to fit the requested format. But, the cynical player in me says ‘will never happen’ because it requires a new button. That could make it NOT a “little thing.”

Adding new buttons for small features is a huge mountain to climb these days. Far more players have demanded a “red dot” zero button.

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