Carrier NPC in lvl4?

Nearly choked myself when a very real carrier rat appeared in a regular storyline mission and nearly instantly wiped me out, i’ve not seen it on any guide in any form aside from “its a structure wreck”. Is this a recent change, a super rare spawn, or a bug where the supposed wreck wrecks you instead?

Mission in question

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If memory serves I ran the same storyline mission not that long ago and a carrier was also present. I was in heavily-tanked a Marauder, though - so it wasn’t really an issue.

I think the carrier has been there for some time but may have benefited from some of the carrier/drone buffs over the past few years.

Glad to hear you made it out ok!

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Woah that’s pretty cool! NOW BLOW UP THE CARRIER hehehehe


NPC"s cheat and have basically infiite cap.

I’ve been on a dread kill I was jsut going either this dude is running out of cap boosters or my ammo is. We didn’t have the best cap killing crew and numbers.

got lucky…the cap boosters ran out before my ammo.

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many players , who don’t understand game mechanics , attribute npc behavior to ‘cheating’ .

npc do not have infinite cap ; they merely do not need it to run any effects .

so … cheating :wink:

yes ?

IIRC they have cap and the amount of cap they have drive the probability to apply any of their effect.
But their cap is often 1 so it is almost always full.

No need to choke over a Harkal in a T3C.
If you wreck it, it’ll drop you some republic fleed admiral tags, which are worth quite a bit, but you also get a minmatar standings loss. IMO not worth the effort.

If you want to go for it make sure you can tank the rogue drones as well as additional 40GJ/s cap pressure from the Harkal on top, it’s not gonna die quick so you need to be able to withstand the cap neut for a while.

Harkals also spawn in the lvl1 epic arc, people usually run that in destroyers or assault frigates and with either a carrier is quite troublesome to take on, but your t3c should be fine since the one on the screenshot has an augmentation submodule providing cap warfare resistance, and, since it’s active tanked, I guess it also has a cap battery, which provides further resistance (and buffer)

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