1. In NPC Corp (lowsec)

  2. Positive Wallet

  3. Implants: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

  • Have around 8-9b implants
  1. Jump Clones:
  2. No Kill RIghts

Born in: 2021.12.30 - 12:58Hr
Attributes map: link below

Skillmaps: Quantum Anomaly

This toon has been used for mostly Minmatar caps (Carrier n supercarrier)

You can post your bid, thanks


Hi Shinobi
i offer 65B

ok its good for me, accepted bid

please send isk to:

Morpheo Concordia Matrix

Hello, sry for my delay. Still valid ?

Yes, send isk and post it here to check

ok give me some minutes

to Morpheo Concordia Matrix ?

Isk sendet to
Morpheo Concordia Matrix

sendet a ingame mail with account name

transfer has been started

Charackter received.

thank you & hf

sale is complete please close this threat

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