Carryover: 175B Bond 2.1% Full

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So the forums decided they didn’t like my post so it was locked. Really it had been 90 days, but why you lock an active thread is beyond me. I asked for it to be unlocked, but since that has not happened - and it was time for interest payments to go out - I’m just making a new post so investors can confirm payments.

Period 8.5 interest was paid tonight as well as 25B each in bond repayment to EvePick3 and noobs market orders.
As of this post only noobs market orders has bonds left totaling 50B.

Truncated Interest Payments:

Period 8.5 - October 27th to November 26th (31 Days):

  • EvePick3 - 542.5M - Paid { 25B in bonds bought back - Paid }
  • Noobs Market Orders - 1,627.5M - Paid { 25B in bonds bought back - Paid }

Period 9 - November 27th to December 11th (15 Days):

  • Noobs Market Orders - 525M - Paid { 50B in bonds bought back - Paid }

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Confirming last interest payement + principal.

Pleasure to have done business with you :slight_smile:

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As stated before, past investors will get as much forewarning as I can manage before a new offering. Until then, fly dangerously.

(noobs market orders) #4

Confirming interest and repayment of 25b received.

50b still invested.

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The remaining 50B in bonds were bought back and interest has been paid in full.

(noobs market orders) #6

Confirming that the remaining 50b has been paid back with associated interest.

Thank you

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You are more than welcome. Thank you very much for your participation. Have fun and good luck with your own venture.

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Collateral has been returned.

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Confirming collateral has been returned.

Thanks to the investors and Chribba.

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