Casual Logi?

So I know this isn’t the recruitment center, but I’d like to check if what I’m looking for is realistic or not.

I started playing EVE a couple of years ago, but had to quit shortly after since I just couldn’t find time in between my newborn kid and work. So, I’m a (potentially) returning player who’s got Logi aspirations. I’ve only got 4.5m SP, but they are placed in “Logi skills”. I don’t have a lot of experience, but willing to learn and put the effort in to read guides and learn what I can from outside the game.
I have to put family and realworld first, but I’m hoping to play a couple of hours on evenings I do log on (2-4 nights a week), with the occasional longer session (3+ hours).

Is there any hope of finding a corp that will take someone like me, and for me to reasonably expect to be able to get some Logi playtime? I’d be interested in both PVE and PVP, but maybe primarily the PVE aspect first while learning the ropes and gathering isk for ships.


Although I’m a bit less active at the moment, I almost exclusively fly logi in the fleets I join in my corp. While I have not a lot of experience in PVE stuff, logi pilots are useful in most PVP fleets so if keeping your fellow fleet members alive is something you enjoy doing, there’s definitely a place for you!

The corp I’m in, Brave Newbies, won’t require you to have any amount of SP and has a lot of casual opportunities to fly logi ships in fleets. And I guess most other null sec newbie corporations are similar.

So yes, casual logi is realistic!

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It is, but you also wont be spoon fed so you have to earn isks for your ships yourself. Being exclusively logi wont really work in EvE.

If you manage to get yourself a T1 logi of contract from a nullsec block you joined, then most of them will give you a new one when you lose it. Considering their low price, they might even just give it to you as a joining gift.
Just make sure you understand the basics of flying logistics. Wannabe’s with random fits that don’t stay in range can be annoying.

Sure, I plan on earning my own isk but I was kind of hoping that would be possible as Logi. For example joining a few others / a fleet and go ratting or whatever.
Are you saying that’s not really an option and I’ll have to plan on mining, running solo missions or whatever to earn isk?

Also, thanks for your input!

Gotcha. I’m pretty sure I understand the basics of flying logistics. I’ve read my way through lots of articles and guides (from uniwiki etc.), but I lack actual experience. I’ve got plenty of experience healing in MMOs, and although that might not be directly comparable to flying a Logi in EVE I bet some of my experience can be useful. The importance of placement, triage (who’s the most important, who’s the least important?), being able to keep my head cool when there’s a lot going on and last but not least finding true joy in being support for others.

I’ve also got enough isk to get myself started :slight_smile:

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Isk-earning PvE activities where logi could be used have been “optimized” for higher DPS and spider-tank which results in higher ISK/hour for involved pilots. Other types of (PvE) activities use alts for logi purposes - that way there is no need to wait for dedicated pilot to be online.

So your dreams to earn ISK as PvE logi might not come true. EvE is just not the type of game to follow “holy trinity” system.

It is a completely different story in PvP fleets tho.

You got an eve-mail.

~ 200 M/HR easy casual logi.

Casual Luigi

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