Casual Gamer Questions About Logistics Career

As a relatively newbro, I would love to specialize in logistics ships. However, there is an issue that is holding me back. I’m a casual gamer. Because of irl issues such as a marriage and 2 kids, I can only play in short burts, maybe 2 hours a day at most. Logistics seems to be a time consuming operation which requires setting up, scheduling, commitment and responsiblity. E.g. fleet fitting their ship according to your presence is a responsibility on logi pilots behalf. If he can’t show up to the battle or worse, if he suddenly needs to log off in the middle of the battle, then I guess the fleet would be ■■■■■■ up and understandably angry.

So my question is; can a casual gamer fit in to a corp as a logi pilot? Can it be arranged? Or is it all serious business? I played this game mostly as a loner so I don’t know much about corp mechanics and relations.

Another issue; I don’t like flying big ships. My priority will be t1-t2 frigates. I heard that logi frigates are a good asset in small scale pvp which is fine with me. I’m not interested in large scale fleet battles. But I couldn’t find much information on their performance in pve. I would like to fund my pvp with pve activities. So my second question is; will I be able to join high level (4+) pve ops with t1-t2 logi frigates?

Cheers o7

i would have answered to the first part of your post that the soluce for you is to join a big alliance, so that when you are not online, your absence is not a huge problem. Same for other important ship types (bubblers, tacklers, boosters etc)
But if you want to fly in small fleets, then, whatever you fly, your absence will decrease the strength of your fleet. Even if you fly a dps ship

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Check out incursions.

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Logistics is a very important aspect of fleets.

So if you are in a fleet of a semi-decent alliance, chances are they offer SRP, and will be grateful that you chose logistics to begin with.

You could definately find meaningful fleets and meaningful encounters in the span of 2 hours. The only problem is, you will be stuck, because most fleets will not be over by then, and you will basically have to log out in space and either try coming back home by yourself, or self destruct and save yourself the hassle. In other words, you will be pretty much dead every time you fly in fleets.

If youre okay with that, and if you explain your situation to the group you are trying to join, im sure they can work something out, though.

Or you could join the imperium. We have ops daily, almost once every couple hours and a full srp program. We dont care if you die, we just like having you fly with us.

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I used to fly in a small wh corp and I was expected to pull some weight even as a new toon, so I get what you’re saying. Big alliance seems to be the right way for me.

I’m definitely interested in them. Incursions seem to be good training grounds for logi pilots.

Although I seem to lack your corp’s requirements (skill points - pvp experience), I will drop by your channel and maybe apply :slight_smile:

Were here for fun. I’m our corps diplo. But we have a newbee Corp too, karmafleet.

They accept anyone and everyone. Even you. :slight_smile:

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