What kind/size of fleet will tech 1 logistics be passable?

When in a PVP fleet, at what size (number of players and ship size) would be a benefit to the roam?

Tech 1 logistics frigates appear to be very niche. Only really used in FW where there are ship size restrictions. Are they practical for frigate roams? Or are they too squishy for any use aside FW, and maybe doing PVE missions with friends?

Same with tech 1 logistics cruisers? There tank is pretty weak and can be killed fairly quickly if they are focused. They don’t have a big enough buffer (or at least hard to fit one) to last long enough for a fellow logi to prevent there ships from being destroyed. Would they be be even worth bringing in a fleet if you knew the enemy has a larger number than your fleets? Logistics are supposed force multipliers, but if they get killed before they can even rep allies, they are useless.

Can you guys enlighten me when these ships would be okay to use? I assume for the most part lowsec roams wouldn’t run into anything too crazy (most of the time) but what about if you wanted to try and take down a citadel or something? Would it be just better to bring more DPS?

Oh yes they are. Last year I was fly a Kirin somewhere in null and was the solo logi for 4x svipuls.
There was a cocky Brutix pilot whom just ignored my presents because an 850dps Brutix can kill a svipul very easy amirite?
Nope, no way. He died. And so did this poor Rattlesnake a few jumps later.

I imagine the t1 ones can be good too. (I am currently growing fond of the Navitas here on SiSi).

Tank is not how many shield extenders or armor plates you can fit. The year before last year around fall my alliance mates were fighting this alliance which only tactic is blobbing and around that time I was fiddling with Exequror fits until I made one that I like.
So 7 of us were fighting 24 of them and after some losses, my Exequror was the last ship on the field - my mates made it out.
So those 24 souls took about 5 minutes to bring down my 22 million boat.

I imagine, you have to scale your logi to the size of your ships and size of your gang. If you fly just cheap t1 frigates or police faction stuff, fly t1 frigate logi.

One Navitas can handle up to 4 gang mates but above that, you should go for the fleet frigates like the Bantam for shield or Inquisitor for armor logi.

If you are flying t2 frigates or t3 destroyers, fly the t2 logi frigates, so they can keep up with your speeds.

An Exequor can handle up to 4-5 battlecruisers but above that number, you should fly Augorors or Ospreys.

They only look “weak” on the fitting screen but if you take a look at my logi value thread from last year, you can see they rep power is quite nice for not very expensive ships.

My Navitas for example cost 3.4 million and a t1 meta fit Inquisitor around 4 million isk. The t1 cruiser logi less than 30 million per ship and they are very noob friendly.

Flying logi takes practice, so I advise you(r buddies) to go on the test server and try them out.

The one thing I don’t like is that all logi ships have terrible agility, which can be annoying to deadly.

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Well the tech 1 variants are a lot more squishy. They can’t speed tank or buffer tank nearly as well as there tech 2 counter parts.

Will do o7

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There are actually two questions here:

  1. What can you fly?

  2. What are you willing to risk?

If you logi for a kitchen sink destroyer down roam, you will probably not risk a 100+ mil ISK T2 logi frigate. Even if you can fly one. Same goes for logi cruisers with bigger ships.

OTOH, when we have larger ops our T2 logi wing always welcomes a couple T1 bros. Yes, they break a lot faster, they lock slower and are generally less effective. But if someone is interested in flying logi, he/she should learn the ropes in cheap ships while the character skills train up and the income stream stabilizes instead of jumping into expensive T2 ships prematurely.
And in serious engagements, every logi pilot counts - if only to relieve some pressure off the T2 core pilots.

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That is very true! And just because they are cheaper, the t1 logi is not bad at all.

Logistics pilots are the heros of all sizes of fleet warfare. 3-4 T1 logistics cruisers will support a battle cruiser gang. T1 logistics frigates are great for frigate gangs. Obviously T2 logistics boats are better but often it’s about costs the fleet being supported.


Have done frig logi with one other frig in fleet before. Its good fun and the ‘solo’ kms are great

“You were in a stabber how bad do you have to be to die too one kestrel”

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Two years ago, somewhere in Stain a buddy pinged us for assistance in a c3 pulsar. He was flying a Hawk and pinned a Stratios that had help.
Around this time, I was getting the hang of flying logi and I loved it so much that I got myself the t2 frigates with some bling on - only the best for my buddies.
At the time of the ping, I was ratting in a Sansa Base, I think, so I rushed back to the station and got my Kirin.
One of my corpmates just died in that hole and an alliance buddy was in trouble. I rushed to the hole as fast as I could (the Kirin aligns very slowly, that’s why I proposed a better align time for all logi ships).
When I landed on grid, the only thing I could do to the stiletto pilot was seeing here explode :frowning: but I was in time to give the Hawk pilot a break since he just used his last ancillary cap booster and was working on the Stratios, which did have help anymore.
I thought, it would be best to stay behind the Hawk, so the Stratios couldn’t catch me and I stayed 25km away from the Hawk which I had no trouble remote repping.
3000 rockets later, the Stratios died with no further losses on our end - logi op!

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