Force Auxiliary ships useful or not?

I’ve been thinking of training for a force auxiliary because frankly I find direct shooting not my thing, but logistics, repping, etc, that does appeal, but what I have found is that what seems good to me doesn’t translate to what corporations look for, almost all corporations look for PVP pilots which doesn’t appeal to me (direct shooting).

However, for me to expand myself in EVE I need to go to the lower realms if I wish to Indy up beyond what I do now, so are force auxiliary ships sought after by corporations or are they just novelties?

Force Auxiliary ships (FAXs/FAX machines) are a major component of modern capital ship warfare. I gather that the Minokawa and Apostle are the most popular, followed by the Lif and…whatever the hell the Gallente one is (Ninazu?). Many players with a capital alt also have a FAX alt, if that tells you anything.

Skilling up for FAXs will open up T1 and T2 logistics frigates and cruisers. Any alliance or corporation that does PvP should be able to find a use for logistics pilots. They are also prevalent in the incursion community (logistics pilots, not FAXs). People love space priests, they are the true heroes of fleet warfare.

Thanks, that does answer much, haven’t been in 0.0 in so long so my information is outdated.

Worth to train and plz don’t worry much of you being primary call for your opponents most of the time its just another side of the medal, your name would be known well by both sides :wink:

“PvP pilots” absolutely involves logistics pilots; pvp isn’t just direct damage- ewar, logistics, boosting, and scouting are all roles performed by “pvp pilots”

Pilots that fly logistics are in short supply, any corporation that has routine fleet ops would be stoked to have you, even if you can only fly logi frigates at the moment.

I have settled on getting the skills to fly a FAX, I can fly and use repping ships so that is good news, thanks.

It is the other way around since logistics 5 is a requirement of the fax machine.

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Coolio! Most of my alliance mates didn’t like it when I was flying logi (except for 3 of them whom liked it very much that they didn’t have to buy a new boat after a small roam) and most of them left now.

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