Did they do away with Trias for carriers or ?

Since years ago, no more triage for carriers. Triage roles changed to Force Auxillary (FAX).

If you doing triage with Archon, you can use Apostle for it now. They using same carrier skill. Other empire also have their own FAX now, so your Thanny/Nyx ratting alt have another use.

What is forced Auxillary ?? And why would CCP make a ship like the carrier useless when there are so many of them in game

New class of ship that uses carrier skill. So, there is carrier, supercarrier, and Force Auxilaries. You can see them in ship tree just beside the carrier ship in each empire. They are Apostle, lif, ninazu and minokawa. There are also very expensive rare pirate FAX that likely being prohibited for use by your FC or aliance. They are Loggerhead and Dagon.

As why CCP made them, Im afraid I cant answer it. FAX was so strong that already undergo several nerf by now. Add it with rorqual hyperbuff making the meta become hundreds of titans versus hundreds of titan plus one. Alpha striking any capital ships with hundreds of doomsday, because FAX wont be able to repair wrecks. Other than that, FAX would be able to out heal any kind of DPS.

Imagine being so simple that you regard anything that isn’t exactly the same as it was ten years ago as “useless”.

Yes I have seen those so called Forced Auxillary carriers . So CCP took hundreds of thousands of ships and made the useless trillions of isk worth of ships now are completely useless . With out triage they are useless ships .

Yes well my first rule in EVE is I do not fly ugly ships and those Forced Auxillary ship are a joke they need to learn what a carrier is for as well as they need to learn how to design ships its like they all get high and just put down what they are seeing in there drunken state and call it a ship .

They have not upgraded the ships on EVE in what over 10 years just adding crap designs like the Forced Auxillary ship .