Small OCD-level change to carrier mastery certificates

Seeing as Force Auxiliaries have been around since 27 April 2016, and with their release carriers lost their role as the capital-sized logistics ship i don’t see why carriers almost 2 years later still have the “Capital Remote Armor Repairer”, “Capital Remote Shield Booster” and “Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration” certificates as part of their mastery levels.

Yes i understand that mastery levels/certificates do not make a pilot good and are not supposed to be a replacement for a proper skill plan. I do however see mastery levels as a good way for new/casual players to get a rough idea of what they should be training and in the case of the logistics certificates for carriers its just completely irrelevant/confusing information that should have already been removed.

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For that matter, why are fighters required for FAXs?

+1, but with a super low priority for an utterly non gameplay impacting change.


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