Bug - Old carrier replaced by new Force auxiliary carrier

I left the game 6 years ago, before the force auxiliary carriers release. Yesterday i reactivated my account. My old amarr and minmatar carriers were replaced by the new force auxiliary carriers, i had ships inside the carriers when i left the game, i dont know yet if they were lost when my old carriers were replaced

Not a bug, all Triage-fit carriers were converted to that new ship. If it didn’t have a triage module, it would have still been a regular carrier :frowning:

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my 3 carriers didn´t have tiage modules, i used them just to farm and transport ships… what can i do to recover my old carriers?

The ships inside were lost? (i haven´t seen yet)

I see. I don’t think you can recover the old carriers, as that change was years ago. Your best bet would be to sell them and buy new carriers. (Sell the Apostle and buy an Archon). Prices should be similar anyway. Due to the bays being reworked on carriers, I’d say first check ship hangar, if not there, check the maintenance bays on each.

I would bet that those ships are not worth much now anyways, whatever was in those. I wouldnt sweat it.

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