Cat Squad [P4SSY] is recruiting - Lowsec PVP Corp

Cat squad is currently recruiting all pilots that are interested in being a dirty lowsec pirate and helping to develop P4SSY as an effective PVP corp. We’re currently based in the Khanid region which is nearby to many target rich regions.

P4SSY is a PVP corp at its core as such the only mining done will be tears and gfs. There’s no SP limit however it will be expected of you to be self-sufficient and pro-active in looking for content.

What we are looking for;
-An active willingness to get involved in corp activities
-A decent understanding of eve and PVP in general
-Fellow fans of Star Trek discovery

What you get
-Some srp
-No std’s

If you’re tired of being an F1 bunny and want to be proactive and have a role that means something, or if you want to help build something great by all means hit me up on discord or join ‘P4SSY Public’ in game.

Still looking for Eurotash to join the ranks

Still recruiting

Still recruiting

Still recruiting, sorry no dank P4SSY pics today Fun fight with SMA last night, come get in on the action.

Happy Friday motherfockers

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