CCP allow caps In hi sec again

So you’re suggesting that wardecs might not have been having an effect on overall player retention, only an effect ‘stark’ enough for one csm member to say it would justify removing them from the game altogether, and another csm to say it’s clearly having an effect on retention?

So ‘stark’ that it wouldn’t be noticed in overall log in numbers if we nerfed decs to the point that the vast majority of players are now immune to them?

Wow. That’s ‘stark’.

No, I’m saying exactly what I wrote.

Just because the data on a specific set were stark, does not mean that there are data on the overall player base.

just watching the two of you go at it…
It is funny in a non-hilarious way.

The most active wardeccing I have every seen/experienced going on in the game…
Was back when there was limit on them,
Where you could not have more than 3 active (later on 10) and they still scaled (extra fees) if you had more than 1 active.

The biggest thing i personally think that killed the activity and hit retention the hardest was allowing unlimited WarDec’s again (i heard in the beginning it was possible).

The smaller merc groups were forced to go Bigger or go home.
And the Ally up system became a farce with unlimited Wardecs.
1 or the other has to go, the ability to ally up or Unlimited Wardecs inmho.

So this?

is stupid.

Bring capitals into hisec and then watch how it will ruin the content and turn the hisec into blobsec like sovnull. No. No. No. Hisec should not have bigger then subcapital ships (and of course Orca and Freighters) and that is all .

Wardecs were badly designed before, and they’re still badly designed now. Part of the problem is that PvP in general is badly designed in EVE. Thus it is hard to make any wardec mechanic interesting and useful because EVE PvP generally boils down to people who are almost certain they will win attacking people who are fairly certain they will lose. Which leads to avoidance behaviour, not engagement.

To get back on topic however, Capitals in high sec is a really terrible idea. Capitals essentially are a death sentence to everything non-capital. There are very few things in the game that capitals can’t do better than any other ship class. Thus you would remove the growth and development prospects for most other ship classes and all new players by putting them directly up against ships they can’t possibly compete with.

Capitals shouldn’t even be allowed in all of low-sec. Among many other changes that would be needed to bring EVE back to life, High sec and Low sec need changes to make them more interesting. One of those changes would be to limit capitals to something like 0.2 security and lower.

The only usage I can see for ‘capital like power’ in high sec is some structure bashing. Either a Battleship class that is bonused up for larger weapons (like Attack Battlecruisers are for large weapons), or go with the “Pocket Capitals” class of ships between BS and Capital size and allow the smallest/weakest of those in high sec.

Previous discussions on “Pocket Capitals” here (the link itself and the link within it):

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Look at you, denying facts when they do not fit your point of view but accepting any joke as fact when it fits it. THAT is seriously stupid.

I’ve seen dogs more clever than you are.

Oh now it was a joke!
Yeah, flagging my post and pretending it was a joke!

Man, that’s so believable!

I almost fell for it! :smiley:

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Go to your mom, she’s here to hear you whine.


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Would be nice seeing some dreads too.

If they get a permanent suspect flag then they are 100% welcome.


Sure when Kestrels can field torpedoes again.

I would love just to fly around with a cap in high sec. :disappointed:

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