CCP change how margin trade works. Why is marginal trading scams allowed?

Set a sell order for a rare item at 1 billion ISK.

Set a buy order for that item at 1.5 billion ISK.

The victim sees the buy order and buys the item from you at 1 billion ISK to fill your buy order. But when they try to sell to you your wallet is empty, the transaction fails, and they’re left holding an item they paid too much for and your alt gets the 1 billion ISK. The scam depends on the item being rare enough that they can’t just get it somewhere else, but even if they do the buy order still fails and you just have to reset the scam without making any profit on that attempt.

How is this a “scam”?

Because the more appropriate behavior is for market orders that can’t be filled to be removed from the market, or at least temporarily disabled and highlighted as “not available right now”. It shouldn’t display as a legitimate order if it can’t be completed.

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How much money did you lose OP?


None, the item still has no real value. So I just posted it at the same price…hence it’s my “Painting” on the wall.

It looks like I’m a billionaire, maybe some other idiot will relieve me of the burden of this painting.

Yeah I don’t think it’ll be happening to me again, but it’s basically at the expense of an efficient trading system.

While it’s obvious to me now…that large ticket items might not be able to be “bought”, because of how dumbly the “Margin Trade” mechanic is built…

I just have no more interest in doing sell-to-buy orders now because of it…total waste of time.

This broken mechanic 100% explains why Jita is the only real trade hub in the game, by 100sTrillions of isk…it’s because if you can’t trust the buyer your’re trading with, why move items at all, ever?

This would be “normal” except there’s no broker to cover the difference. Which is what exists in the real world.

So it’s a stupid mechanic.

So you deny that there even is a scam?

No wonder most the forum thinks you’re the dumbest on here.

That’s not a scam, i use that mechanic every day without scamming people. Some people use it to scam noobs, but the trick is so obvious that you don’t fall for it twice… unless your brain is completely FUBAR.

It’s a scam because that’s not HOW it works, in anywhere except a broken game mechanic.

You do not just get to say “sorry I can’t pay you now bye.”

“I want to place a buy order?”

“Do you have the money?”


Then get the ■■■■ out

You know, video game, 20000 years in the future, immortal beings… fantasy…

Yeah, lame excuse for bad game mechanics.

bad because you fell for it, that’s all


No, bad because that’s not how it should work.

You should be compelled to PAY for your buy order eventually, no where in the world are you allowed to “buy something on margin” and not eventually pay for it.

that’s it babe, nowhere in the wolrd, only in Jita…

Yeah because it’s a bad game mechanic that obviously needs the same normalcy that common sense made.

A broker that compels payment, I suggest it in the OP.

Think of it this way…if you are a LEGIT buyer…why would you NOT want to have deferred payments through the system I talk about?

It means ANYONE can fullfill ALL your buy orders, safely. And you pay over time…which is the point of the margin.

The fact you are arguing against this means you’re too stupid to know what you’re even doing and why.

I’m using an existing mechanic (with it’s pros and cons) to my profit… and you lost money to it… who is the idiot?

No you’re getting short changed by fraudsters who cause people to not want to use the buy order system. LOL

You say you are using it to your profit but you actively REFUSE to improve the system so everyone wants to actually participate.

Rather you prefer to just sit there with a stick up your rear looking like a fool wondering why no one is joining you.

Except you can’t do it in Jita just because EVE is a fantasy world.

If you make a buy contract you have to put the cash in escrow up front and can’t decline to pay if someone tries to accept.

If you make a sell order and have cash in your wallet to cover it you can’t decline to pay if someone tries to accept, you automatically pay it and get the item.

The ONLY time you can say “nope, just kidding” and cancel a buy offer when someone tries to take it is through a nonsensical and counter-intuitive mechanic requiring a specific set of circumstances to exploit it. This isn’t EVE being a lawless world where fraud is accepted, it’s one specific mechanic working in a way that nothing else does, for no apparent reason.

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What for? i just said i know the mechanic and i use it for my profit… you live in “what if my uncle was my aunt” land and get offended when reality spank you…
The mechanic IS, and some people use it… some to make legit profit, others to scam. Get over it buddy, because you won’t be able to change things by whining on the forum like that…