Market is seriously Broken

One of the cool things about EVE is the player market, however, it’s seriously broken.

Case in Point: A player can put up a buy order at a price without having enough ISK to cover the cost of the purchase when the goods are delivered to the NPC station.

I understand that EVE is “Whatever you think it is, scammy, etc.” , but that broken mechanic using MARGIN has been around for years (last time I played) and I can’t believe it’s still a thing.

If CCP wants to allow players to scam this way, have them do it in the useless player owned stations and keep it in the same category as fake contracts.

Rant… tears… and more…

EDIT: The March 10th patch fixed this…

The Margin Trading skill has changed its name and function. It is now called “Advanced Broker Relations”. This skill will increase the Relist Discount rate, from 50% at level 0 (untrained) to 75% at level 5.

  • The skill rank is unchanged (rank 3). An additional requirement of Broker Relations level 4 has been added. Characters who already have Advanced Broker Relations but do not have this new requirement will still be able to train and use Advanced Broker Relations.
  • The skill no longer allows Want-To-Buy orders to be created with anything less than 100% escrow. Existing <100% escrow orders will remain until they expire/complete, but they cannot be created/extended any more.
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CCP got rid of this and people are still complaining about it?

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Everyone needs a hobby…complaining online about pointless things is a popular one these days :crazy_face:

Back in my day…


OP probably got greedy and fell for one of the few remaining margin scams since existing orders were not touched.

The rest of them should be gone by the end of summer.


Understand that part of the game is the tears that players get to enjoy from their scams working as intended. So posting a tears thread is mandatory.

Yes, I fell for a scam order and wasted 15 jumps doing it… NP, nice to hear that CCP cares to protect one of the best parts of the game - trading.

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Emergent gameplay is good, too.

How much did you lose?

by the end of June (3 months form the end of March).

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