CCP Charachter Transfers

i’m having the same troubles. hopefully this will be sorted out soon

another scam …thankfully isk returned again…i understand gm’s have a hard job to do

at this point would it not be an idea to sticky a warning to scammers that it does not work and are only waisting our time?

Might be a good idea to have a sticky topic outlining all the ways that scamming doesn’t work. It would save everyone a lot of time.

What did you file under? Mine filed last week still hasn’t been responded to. Thinking I may have filed under the wrong section

category was character transfers…its a joke now iv had 5 scam returns in last 4 days

Okay, that was what I filed under too, so who knows why mine is taking longer than yours did. And yeah, as I had mentioned in the in game mail. it’s 5 for me as well/ latest reimbursement is going to total over 200B -_-

spend alot of time here and nothing to show for it due to this time wasting…something has to be implemented to protect bidders…if ratting server ticks were being turned into a waist of time the forums would be exploding

My three I am still waiting on a response for, #837176 in case a GM sees.

This is the one that got me temp banned as they reversed everything

And this one got reversed as well at around the same time as the temp ban reversal.

Figure I’ll pipe in, I have a bit of experience. I throw a few pointers here about plex transfers.

As others have stated, I’ve personally had a ticket transfer completed in under 5 minutes from submittal, and I’ve waited longer than a week.

They are high priority, but personally I think there is a reason its not supported on the website, and has to be done by the tickets, its a 2nd class citizen now.

Keep these things in mind:

  1. It takes a real person to do these, and because of this, they have to do extra grunt work and investigation to confirm all the i’s are dotted, t’s are crossed.
  2. A giant expansion was just released a few weeks ago, new expansions influx a surge of tickets in various categories, thus increasing the overall load of GMs
  3. We are at the end of a holiday stretch, people take long vacations, thus putting more stress on the GM team.

As the buyer, there isn’t much security you can get when someone claims they submitted the ticket and are now waiting for CCP. You can request a screenshot of the ticket with real names etc edited out however, generally when I did a character transfer, I always shared a screenshot as a courtesy.

The other thing to do is keep a close eye on the characters SP, if the tokens start to fail, there will be a nice warning about it at the top of their skillboard, its not guaranteed but almost all the bazaar scammers instantly extract the pilot after getting the isk, as that doubles their income from the scam. Pic of what you will see keep in mind I do track the # of failures when I try to refresh skills, you can manually do this every hour, and if it fails enough times, it will be disabled from trying again, which means, if you did not get the character, the tokens were manually revoked = not good in most cases.

Best of luck.


Yep, this is how I came to find out about all of mine, within an hour or two of me sending the isk, your site showed them either A: having a password that wasn’t previously there, or B: tokens get revoked and they stop responding.

Also the API has up to a 1 hour cache for skill data, so even if you refresh directly after they extract, it may be over an hour (on the 2nd refresh) of when you can see it actually reflected.


Been waiting 11 days and still have not heard anything from CCP… is there any chance this isn’t a scam?56 Ml sp BlackBeard is for sale

Yeah, token is revoked. You got yourself a scam if you haven’t gotten the character already

I still waiting about 9 days response from CCP or GM about scam, they are ****** my New Year. I’m mad as **** about they’re Customer Support.

I’m still waiting on a ticket as well

@Mowzie_Moliko you’ve been scammed is my guess, seeing how Mj pointed out, the tokens are no longer valid, which means they were manually revoked if you didn’t get the character

I’m already waiting a week, support is silent on requests. isk is given, but the character is not received.
wtf? support *******

After waiting 2 weeks i finally got my ISK back! All you can do is be patient i guess… If you were scammed you WILL get ISK back

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very bad

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