CCP EVE Discord

Is there any way to join/talk in EVE Discord without verifying a cell phone number? I don’t have a cell phone nor do I want one but I want to talk on EVE Discord.

The EVE discord doesn’t require you to verify with your phone number to use it.

I clicked the link before and it connects my character but when I go to any of the EVE channels, it keeps telling me that I must complete a few more steps before I can talk. I click the complete button and it says to verify my phone number.


I see, that is unfortunate, as discord itself only requires an email OR phone number to verify.

I guess it’s time to send a message to CCP asking…

I would hope CCP protects user data, but considering the scale of leaks from other corporations, I have some real doubts.

Discord is certainly not secure.


You’re really not missing much in the EVE Discord…


That depends. If they are an active tester for vanguard, that’s where CCP is keeping up with communication

All that means is that CCP is missing out.

The answer I got from CCP when I asked about Discord verification.

Due to the size of our Discord server, we have added a few security measures to protect users. One of these measures is to only allow verified Discord users to talk in our channels. Verifying your phone number will be the last step to complete this process. I’d just like to remark that no-one, including ourselves, has access to this information.

Due to the size and activity of the EVE Online Discord, they encourage certain Verfication Levels to reduce unwanted spam, DM abuse, and phishing attempts. While we may revisit this in the future, we’re very satisfied with lack of unwanted spam in the EVE Discord.

For users who do not wish to verify with a phone number, Discord Support may be able to assist in achieving Discord Verification through other means.

I’d also like to add that this is information controlled solely by Discord itself, and cannot be accessed by the EVE Online Discord Server, moderators, nor any CCP staff. For more information about how Discord utilizes user information, you can refer to the Discord Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy | Discord