Where do I need to go to voice feedback/complaints on Vangaurd

Hello, I was wondering other than the Eve online discord where I might share my complaints about Eve Vanguard since I do not have a smartphone to complete the server verification request, if you require us to already login to our toon almost to get onto the discord but then after that, you need a phone verified as well?

The “official” EVE social media place where even CCP employees themselves answer questions and often post announcements sooner or even exclusively compared to the EVE-O forums:


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Let’s translate this:

“Since I don’t want to post on my main account on the discord and I only have one phone number”.

If only CCP had a feedback forum for this kind of stuff. Oh, wait, we do:

Yet another abandonware. For now I would be really happy if the settings actually worked.

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For now all Vanguard related feedback threads are locked and the following is posted… though at least in one instance the mod’s hand slipped over the lock button. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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You think CCP would create an official thread here…

Just played Vanguard and Ill hold my thoughts until someone creates a vanguard megathread or an offical CCP one.

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Given the overall reactions to Vanguard so far, and the fact that this is just the first test run, I strongly suspect CCP wants people’s commentary on Vanguard buried in a location far, far away…



Is it biting the dust ? Really ?!


actually all i have is a flip phone that doesn’t let discord verification work, when i try nothing gets sent to my phone

the thing is i like the idea, but at the same time there are many problems with it, if that’s how ccp wants to do things then that’s their call, I just want a way to voice my feedback not having a way to access the CCP/EveOnline discord server

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Discord verification is via SMS, how does your flip phone not support a feature supported by all phones for the last 3 decades?

it supports sms, but whenever i try to do the verification i never get the text \o/