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After trying all those Vanguard playtests, I’d like to share here my ideal experience of what the game could be. I did a similar thing at the EVE Online server and I can also honestly say that I’ve never seen a company like CCP games that at a single question about “how can I share a feedback? My idea is a bit complicated and long”, the GM and dev team prepare a feedback thread for me and I proceeded to create a wall of text (…that sadly it’s been deleted due to discord servers organizations. My fault, I had to backup).

In this post I’d like to repeat the challenge with a more reviewed idea, starting from the new player experience to the endgame content. To do this, I saw someone here are using word documents, so I’ll start to post one here where it will be costantly updated about what I’d like to see in Vanguard.

There will be a section at the end of the document where you can comment with your proposals.

If there’s a better way to communicate a feedback for the game development, please let me know.

Document progress: 100% Piombo65's ideal experience in EVE Vanguard - Google Docs

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Added a new chapter: Interactions between EVE Online and Vanguard.

Added a new sub-chapter in “Once Awake”: Fitting

In before the ISD tell you to post vanguard content on the discord.

Fist step to fixing Vanguard is to talk about Vanguard in the forum and not pigeon hole all the content on a 3-rd party service like discord.

Though personally I think the FPS extraction shooter ecosystem is saturated, its only a matter of time before it goes away like the mobile app, Valkerie and GunJack.


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Wow. I should have noticed that in your original post. GW.

It’s fairly new so understandable. Btw I’m not the OP of this thread. :slight_smile:

Yeah I am just not paying attention this morning it seems.

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Added a new sub-chapter in “Once Awake”: Economy

Reworked “Main interactions with EVE Online → Support”. Added a photo in “market” too.