CCP, Fix the Heimatar Market


Looks like, if somebody starts a new Epic Arc, then a new working site appears up there until it will be finished. After this, the site remains in space for unknown amount of time as a broken one, without rats.

Wait, didn’t you say the site was broken and empty both before and after Downtime?

Anyway, I also thought the sites only spawned when the epic arc was started but that’s contrary to what the GM said.

He said there’s a limited amount of sites that are suppose to randomly spawn as Anomalies within that specific constellation which are not dependent on anybody starting the Epic Arc. They’re sorta like the Cosmos Complexes where you have to go to retrieve specific items.

Hear, hear!

inb4 the Amarrians hack/rig the next round of Federation or Republic elections…

They have given me their word that no such thing occured.

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No idea. I got that mission in Frarn and found two broken and one just completed site in Sveipar after that.

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Good news!

The August patch contains a fix for ‘A Demonstration’ relic site.

– Gameplay chapter

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Nice, thanks for finding that, so according to the Patch Notes for Aug 14.

Updated the triggers in the “A Demonstration” relic site to fix the spawning of the site.

Hopefully that means the site will respawn again when completed.

The entire market system in Cobalt Edge has been offline/non-visible for at least 2 months now. They have been/had been made aware of the issue, but no communication has been had regarding the issue. It’s getting incredibly difficult to do any open marketing.


I just did a few quick runs through the Sveipar Constellation which has 7 systems looking for ‘A Demonstration’ sites. This is what I found:

Pator = empty site
Eystur = empty site -w- Concord present
Lustrevik = empty site
Emolgranlan = empty site -w- Concord present

Ammold = no site
Hadaugago = no site
Isendeldik = no site

Will check it again tomorrow to see if the site locations have changed.


I recommend training reading to 1. And realising that the patch isn’t for another 2 days

Wow, you must be really dense, either that or just a fail troll. In fact, I’m gonna go with the latter since your only post in this entire thread is a sarcastic demeaning troll reply directed towards me.

FYI, I already know when the patch will happen, I plan on checking the site before and after the patch to see if there’s any difference.

Anyway, @Rexxar_Santaro, this morning at 5:30am I rechecked the Sveipar Constellation:

Pator = empty site -w- 2 player ships (probably just finished looting and salvaging)
Eystur = empty site -w- 1 player ship & rat wrecks
Lustrevik = empty site
Isendeldik = empty site -w- rat wrecks

Emolgranlan = no site
Ammold = no site
Hadaugago = no site


IDK how those sites are working exactly, but I understood one thing - they can be cleared, if will spawn, before you’ll bring a Cruiser or bigger class vessel to that space.

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I logged in about 1 hr after Downtime to check for those sites. Seems to me there’s only 4 sites that will spawn within that constellation of 7 systems.

Obviously those players had jumped on those sites right after Downtime, probably been collecting and selling the Medallions on the market for a while now. There’s 3x Medallions per site and 4 sites within the constellation, so that’s a total of 12 Medallions per day.

The Aug 14 patch is now pushed back to Aug 21 so the ‘A Demonstration’ Anomaly site will remain as it is until then.

As for the site itself, I checked the Constellation again this morning at 5:00 am and found this:

Hadaugago = site -w- active rats & cans
Isendeldik = site -w- no rats, no wrecks and empty cans that show as full
Eystur = site -w- no rats, no wrecks and empty cans that show as full
Lustrevik = site -w- 1 player, no rats, no wrecks and empty cans that show as full

Emolgranlan = no site
Pator = no site
Ammold = no site

Don’t know why the cans were showing as full when they were actually empty, guess it’s just another bug aspect for the site.

Anyway, later on @ 9:00 am (16:00 Eve Time) I checked the Hadaugago system again (new player starter system) and saw that site was still active so I ran it, collected rat bounty’s, hacked the 3 containers and got 3x Medallion.

As I finished hacking the 3rd container a 2 day old player in a Slasher warped in so I ‘Abandoned’ the wrecks and told him in local they were free for him to loot and salvage.


Yeah, Latest News… I don’t care about this ‘postponed’. One week sooner or one week later don’t change anything for a game like EVE. It’s important to work properly in the future. CCP acts like a big company with its huge bureaucracy, where to change two digits into a script can take months and months like Blizzard is doing this.

CCP must solve three main issues as soon as possible:

  • connection protection (no discussion for game where you can lose assets everywhere);

  • x64 clients;

  • AI anti-bot protection.


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The cans have <100% chance to drop olfei ; especially I already happend to hack 9 cans and get only one item.

sometimes they don’t even have rats, but the cans respawn.

Nope, the sites you checked with no rats and empty cans had already been completed by other players. More than likely someone forgot to loot one of the cans which is why you only found one Medallion.

I’ve spent the past 3 days checking the sites and they spawn complete with rats and full cans right after downtime, just have to be quick cuz those sites are usually completed very quickly by players.

That makes no sense. If the site is already done, then I don’t need to hack the cans - and I can’t open them either. The hacked cans are only available to the player who opened them.

Now if you tell me that has changed, that’s a good thing - olfei price will crash.
However I did not wait after DT to open them, I just happened to be there in a ship with the modules. Maybe after DT it changes.

The sites are bugged which was confirmed by CCP, a fix was suppose to be implemented on Aug 14 but that patch was pushed back to Aug 21…

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