August Release - Deployment Postponed By One Week


(CCP Falcon) #1

Due to the need for additional testing, the deployment of the August release has been pushed back by one week from August 14th, to August 21st.

This means that both the August release and the “Secrets of the Abyss” event will now launch on the same day, next Tuesday.

The change in release date has been reflected on EVE Updates, and the patch notes have been unpublished temporarily, as they may need to be edited before the release is deployed next week.

More information on the status of the August Release will be available this Friday with new deployment information.

We apologise for the delay in deploying this release, however we feel that additional testing is needed to ensure that Tranquility is patched without issue and the release is deployed smoothly.

If you’d like to discuss this announcement, please do so in this forum thread.

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(Uriel the Flame) #2

Rather delayed than be dysfunctional, most probably it will have its flaws either way so better minimize that by further testing than release right away. :+1:

(Zachri) #3

Better safe than sorry :slight_smile:

(Dyver Phycad) #4

Obviously. None of the long standing chat issues have been fixed. And by the looks of it CCP even turns the Agency into an even bigger clickfest (judging by the patchnotes that are now hidden, which said you need to click to get your rewards. Whatever that means in practice).

And I wonder whether the filter fix for pilots docked in structures only works in the new map of if the actually useful and used existing map gets that fix as well. A good change, but knowing CCP they will only make it available for the new map to force more people into this other trainwreck.

(Maetel Lithium) #5

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I’m glad the abundance of caution. I look forward to the new event and hope to see more things go exploding

(NorBdelta Aivoras) #6

Will the suspect flag from running T4 and T5 Abyssal sites still be removed during downtime tomorrow? Or is this also pushed to next week?

(Chocolaty Sprogmaster) #7

Glad it’s being delayed if its not ready, but I have my doubts that 1 week is going to make much difference based on recent history.

(Skuller) #8


(CCP Falcon) #9

At this stage, that’s still planned for tomorrow.

It’s just being passed through QA now :slight_smile:

(Tipa Riot) #10

Will you enable it again during the event next week, in order to not mess with the sandbox even more? Having an player-interaction free farmable event, is very un-eve, you know…

(Farr Arrow) #11

I’m very happy with all the hard work that CCP and its employees are putting towards making Eve Online better each week and each month. Large numbers of currently active Eve pilots are now making full use of the availability of Eve to be played completely free without any pilot ever being forced to pay real money towards the real costs associated with providing and constantly upgrading our favorite game.

It seems to me that CCP is likely to be under real world financial restraints in the amount of employees that it can assign to Eve quality control or to Eve marketing or to other things needed like hardware purchases. Can CCP continue to provide the very best space fantasy experience available anywhere on the internet if more and more of its customers play Eve on a regular basis without ever paying any real world money to CCP? Ever?

If real world financial realities now affecting all online video games cause fewer and fewer CCP employees to be used to do more and more for pilots like me, then I want to make darn sure that every single one of these hard working people know that I am very grateful to each one of them personally (and also to CCP as a group) for allowing me to play this incredible game at all. Thank you so much! And may your wisdom direct you in knowing the correct path to take; the path that allows Eve Online to thrive and grow and continue to amaze everyone for years and years to come. Thank you

(Nicole Morningside) #12

Remember, whatever changes you do to the patch - do NOT, rpt, do NOT remove Boot.ini

That is all!

(Vollhov Jr) #13

Boring !!!
Let’s start a new large-scale war between factions !! As in the good old days of 2008.

Even a company like Blizzard realized that the war between the factions is fun. :ok_hand:

(Uriel the Flame) #14

Maybe they can add some new features with it and call it:

The War For the Abyssal Loot Boxes :fire: :explodyparrot:

(DeMichael Crimson) #15

Is the fix for the ‘A Demonstration’ Anomaly site also pushed back to Aug 21?

That site is used to complete the first mission of the level 4 Minmatar Epic Arc.

(Brutalna LSG) #16

They finally admit it, the CCP is falling apart …

(Arrendis) #17

is this ‘that’s the only thing left before it’s good’ or ‘we decided to do that, this time’? Because one of those is… uhm… bad.

(Dotar Sojat) #18

A new release and an event starting on the same day, what could possibly go wrong?

(NeoFriend) #19

Don’t worry. Just like the flag removal - they will test it on the day before release.

(Alderson Point) #20

That would be nice, if it doesn’t have to wait. It’s impossible at the moment.