August Release - Deployment Postponed By One Week

That seems perfectly reasonable, there no doubt has been a high workload recently, It is better to get back to a reasonable position, with time to QA, before the changes.

The dying in 20 min will stop me from ever doing the abyss. Who came up with this retarded idea.
if you kill the site in the time then you should get loot, if you dont, no loot. there is enough other ■■■■ in eve to kill you…
The entrance could be scannable but only 1 other ship can enter the site so 1 v 1 pvp. And the lvls of the abyss could be hull specific,
eg. - lvl 1 - standard empire t1 hull’s only
- lvl 2/3 t1 hulls including pirate hulls
- lvl 4/5 only t2 cruisers
only one ship can leave…


Deploy something and gank them like everyone else has been doing.

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Who exactly?

Do you want a list of everyone that ganks high sec abyss runners?

First I need a complete list of everyone it hurts to change the suspect mechanic…don’t forget anyone.

Yes, the list will be short. I’m not talking about T4/suspect or war target kills.

Short compared to what? Several people tried to gank me while I was doing T3s. At lease 22 different people. And that’s 3 failed attempts. I guess you can look them up on kill boards. I’m not going to look them all up for you.

Hey guys, look at this risk-averse sucker who wants to farm abyssal runners without suicide ganking!


CCPLEASE FIX THE AGENT FINDER!!! it was much better before now the agency agent finder is so broken and horrible !!!

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@CCP_Falcon any chance you guys get to fix the Cap Battery Mutaplasmid bug anytime soon? It has been reported a while ago and should really only need to exchange + and - for the Capacitor Warfare Resistance Bonus stat (positive “green” change results in module becoming worse, not better due to -/+ mistake)

No, it’ll be disabiled until testing is complete.

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