CCP, get a handle on the NPC miners already

Pirates Indeed kill NPC miners, I saw in front of my face 3 venture were killed by Gruistas, in Gallente field, those Gruistas are blue to me, they kill those ventures then up to me, the 3 frigs can give huge damage, with in about 30sec, my Mackinaw is ran out of shield, in opposite, those normal pirates who are red won’t damage me with 2% shield more. If you try to attack them, a warning dialog pops up and tells they are peaceful units, that is … weird.

Those are the non-standard FOB in area Gurista rats. I’m assuming they have a diamond icon in their ship name. Would this be correct? Those idiots are red/white/blue based off of the pirate corporation standing but not the pirate faction like the usual belt rats.


I don’t remember whether they have diamonds, I think not, but the color did make me believe once they are just coming here to kill the ventures, they then attack me and still are peaceful targets? makes no sense.

NPC miners, NPC incursion rats and the new rats from the forward operating bases are put in the game to give highsec players something to shoot at. We asked for more and varied NPC content - CCP delivered. It’s not their job to control these rats - it’s ours!


In 11 years of forums tears, I have yet to see a demand for insta-gib contempt. Seems like someone in Island does not comprehend the difference between difficult and impossible.

these fleets are easy to kill if you know how to avoid the defense fleets, they should add NPC mining fleets for every belt. even an alpha can clear them with the right tactics.

It adds a little risk vs reward balance to highsec, finally.

They can be profitable too, i was wiping out the whole fleet and was making 10m an hour just in the ore they dropped. not including the mods and skins.

Do mining missions in the mean time, it will be fixed soon™. And in 5 years you’ll thank me as you’ll be having a big discount on all your buying, selling, manufacturing and researching in the related stations.


Yeah, good luck with that when your playtime “timezone” is 2 to 4 hours before noon GMT. Not my problem but I can imagine some people feel victim to a system that favors people that play on different hours…

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Shooting the NPC miners to clear them out might be a solution… but I just logged in… it’s now I believe 5 hours past downtime… and across 3 systems I am yet to find even the smallest veldspar rock… I’m not gonna log in just after downtime so i can do something when i usually play hours later.

This goes back to the same issue I have been complaining about for years. The current static belt system is a detriment to any miner who does not play immediately after DT. We have always had to fight over the scraps of previous miners when we login, and now it’s been made worse by NPCS who mine everything that’s left. CCP should remove static belts and replace them with ore anomolies that work similarly to ice and sov belts.

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I am sorry to hear that. Did you try to find lesser populated areas of highsec?

I have seen those NPC mining ops even in the most remote areas but shooting them cannot be the answer.
Some of them are Amarr or Caldari corporations and I happen to have a 9+ standing for most of them and want to keep it that way.

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When I mine, I am fairly nomadic. But it sucks that I always have to move, not for a busy system but for my timezone.

Instead of crying on the forum because you can’t mine without putting in some effort, has someone tried to gank them. They warp off right?

So create a dedicated NPC gank alt. Warp in, shoot them, warp out before the response fleet gets you. It is a dedicated alt, so no standing issues.

Glad I could once again help my miner friends and fix highsec.

For me, it’s not so much the NPC miners being an issue. It’s more like they are the feature that broke the camels back.

We have so many tools for distributing ore in Eve, yet HS is still dominated by a 14 yr old tool that is one of the last features to be tied to DT. I don’t usually get to login till DT+12, which means I get left with the scraps that other miners and now NPC miners leave.

Why not introduce regularly respawning anomolies or moon mining to HS to allow for a disconnect from DT?

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Yea, ccp wanted to make then "seem like players* but they are death, the krestles alone have like 300 dps each

I think you didn’t get the “You get home from work, have time with the kids and wife/husband, do some household chores and then log in 2 - 4 hours before the server restart. Good luck attacking the non-present bot miners in the (near) empty ore fields”

It’s our forum and we can cry if I want to, cry if we want to, you would cry too if it happened to you… tatata tada :smiley:


After going through 7 systems around my mission hub most of which dont even have 10 people in local aka a low pop area i have concluded that high sec mining is now dead. Yes i could go 15+ jumps away from were i live/mission run or to another area of space entirely aka caldari to amarr but as i still mission that would just be a big waste of time and jumps. I also dont mine for long enough to use a jump clone to go to another area avoiding the travel before that is suggested.

I either get to belts with nothing in them or a belt with 1-3 rats or a belt with a crapton of npc miners. The one thing i dont find in an asteroid belt anymore… asteroids.

BUT i dont want this to be just a big whine rant so i came up with an easy solution to this problem.

Why not make it so if you have npc miners working in a system the adjacent 2-3 systems cant have any. Not sure if npc miners travel to other systems but if they do make it so they cant. This would still provide people access to mining and still have the npc ones doing there thing.

For those saying fight them over the ore or move away. Cant fight over rocks that no longer exist after you get home from work and log in aka for me thats like noon-1pm EST which i think is like 7 hours after DT. I also would rather dive head first off my roof into a thumbtack than go 10+ jumps out just to mine every now and then aka while i eat lunch/dinner etc.

So in conclusion yes… lets tone it down preferably making it so you dont find 5-8 connected systems in a row all mined out from npc’s. 1-3 in a row sucks… but cmon… the seven connected in a row i went too today made me want to self destruct my mining ship.


There are mission agents all over the place. I’m sure you will be able to find one in a system which does not get mined out.

Greetings. I was really wondering the other day recently, and still am. Does the ore mined by npc coprs, be it hs, ls or ns… does it get included intho the Mnonthly Economic Reports of the ammounts mined in the regions ?
It maybe a silly question, but I am really curious about that part…
Also as myself living in 00, the Industrial Index in the null-sec Active Defence Multiplies, is it gets boosted and counted if there are such npc entitnies in system ?
Makes me still deep of thoughts.

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Think about it, no miners in highsec, noone for code to shoot at.