:facepalm: CCP is an untrustworthy purveyor of limited edition assets

I am on lunch break so no links but the police skins were advertised as “limited edition” & “last chance”.

There have been several other betrayals regarding this. CCP once compensated players with a coat but they’ve since become apologetic over their limited edditon scams.

Eve online digital assets are hot garbage that will be dumped in value on a whim, only a fool would be enticed by Eve online IP with CCP’s terra bad history.

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Calling sinking values of eve IP a scam nowadays does not wash with me since police skin re-release.

Everyone but the newest players should know Eve IP is hot garbage & you should not be paying $ or plex for stuff that will be given out for free in drops, Christmas gifts or daily logins at a later date.

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Ahh yes, hands up who hoarded those NEX goggles and items thinking they were going to be limited or unique and used with WIS?

Yup, they promptly cancelled WIS and then started selling duplicates cheaper of those items thus tanking the value and uniqueness.


No, the police skins were advertised as no longer being available in the store, not as limited editions. So your misconception there is the problem, not CCP. There’s a whole Reddit thread on this.

I can’t find any reference to the AT ship prizes being one run ever, though I hardly think releasing a second batch of 50 over… 17 years? is a radical scam.


Stfu, police skins were advertised as “limited time only” & “last chance”.

They are neither limited time only or last chance or issue. CCP lied & now their IP sales died.

The writing is on the wall CCP IP, is hot garbage, spread the word only a fool would buy.

At no point in the announcement of skins do CCP say they are one-time available.

You should also note, however, that when skins are one-time or being withdrawn from sale, this is explicitly stated:

Now, if you can show that CCP have explicitly stated that a skin is being withdrawn, or explicitly that the skin will only be available at a certain time and never again, as per the two links above, and have then gone backwards on that, we will have something to discuss.

“Last chance” does not mean last chance, OK.

Don’t really care what CCP say to be honest they u turn, betray & break their word near every promotion & game moderation.

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Last chance at that time. It’s marketing. If you were a serious investor, you’d be paying attention to what they are saying, and making your purchases accordingly. If you are simply collecting the skins, then knowing when the opportunity will be lost for a time will be equally important.

This whole thread boils down to people being annoyed that they didn’t do the research. Le sigh.

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You are correct, the research has now been done.

CCP is not a reputable trader of limited edition digital assets. Eve digital IP is hot garbage & will only diminish in value.

Definitely don’t pay dollar, don’t pay Plex, I’d even be hesitant in paying ISK for something that will likely be given away for free in the near future.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk, ISD & r/eve mods if you could please sticky this post I’m sure it will diminish future but blast from newer players who were dumb enough to buy eve IP assets.

I just found out that some stores are going to have Black Friday sales again this year. I was pretty sure they said last year that they were “limited” and “last chance”. Scammers!


That is the lowest effort straw man argument that is possible to make. What has this to do with the serious topic under discussion?

Im sorry you fail to understand how illustrative examples work.

Your failure to grasp the concept doesnt make it a strawman.

I also think you arent quite sure (like many here) what a strawman argument actually is.

The case has been made:

Companies are untrustworthy


Last Chance to buy means it wont be available tomorrow.

Making the assumption that it will never be available again to come to the conclusion that CCP is intentionally scamming people is in fact, the strawman argument here.


The only unique edition asset is boot.ini.

Alright, so what is your understanding of a limited edition issue then?

My understanding of something I didnt mention is irrelevent.

But youve piqued my interest so lets go there.

My understanding of Limited Edition is that its a marketting buzzphrase used to convince people of low willpower and high anxiety that the item will not be available to purchase ever again after a period of time. Its designed to hark to things like 1st Edition books.

However, all items ever produced are “limited edition” and the phrase Limited Edition holds as much legal weight as the phrase “Collector’s Edition” or “Great Value” or “By Grobtharr’s Hammer What A Savings”

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Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of Franklin Mint. There’s a few different companies like that which have sold Limited Edition Collector’s Items. Basically only a set amount of production castings would be available for a set amount of time.

I don’t know if any of their items have ever been reissued.


That’s a good business. Lots of money to be made in limited-edition assets. And we’re talking about assets owned by CCP so I don’t see the problem. If players buy them why not sell them?

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In the case of numbered, certificated physical items, the company is at least going to the effort to place an individuality on each item. (Until recently such numbering was impossible digitally) But perhaps youve seen candy bars and chips flavours these days also marked “Limited Edition”?

It still however exists as a marketting mechanism to make the item appear as if its value will at least not depreciate.

It should also be noted that I did ask you about this whole thing first; I would take your expert view on it regarding if items were issued on the promise of not being reissued, and if, as a collector, such a promise affected your interest and what you were willing to pay.

My theory is that any such promise did not affect your interest; you would have bought the item regardless of any perceived rarity status in the future is what I would guess if asked.

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Selling one of a kind limited edition Velators for only 1 bil ISK, buy one get one free, extremely rare unique offer, get yours in Jita for a limited time only, don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! :smirk: