CCP lands two world records

The two GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles now held by EVE Online are:

  • largest multiplayer video game PvP battle (8,825 players)
  • most concurrent participants in a multiplayer video game PvP battle (6,557 participants)


If that is who I think it is, then I prefer “I’ve got two guns. One for each of you.” after he was told he must be so drunk he was seeing double.

“I’ve got two world records - both for nullsec.”

Where’s the record for the most IRL life things you can get done in between salvos of your missile launchers?


“CCP had two world records and beat them again”. Those records already belonged to CCP and EVE.


Don’t they also hold the record for the biggest slideshows in gaming history?

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Reading these forums, they could easily land third one: “Highest percentage of playerbase pissed off at developers”

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Nope, that still goes to Blizzard :stuck_out_tongue:


id say at this point its a tie.

A larger quantity of a smaller player base constitutes a larger percentage. CCP wins… which means players lose, in this case

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