FWST-8 - Guiness World Records


But one thing is strange.

Not a single word about the atrocious server performance. Guiness World records for these things should only count if the game is actually playable for the majority of the participants. Even CCP admitted multiple times on their own stream how terrible the server performance is.

When someone sets a land speed world record do you really think that car will have aircon, electric windows, a bagging stereo for your tunes and a plush ride? If you’d drive that car would it make sense to go “yeah but the ride is a bit harsh”. Records are achieved on the fringe of what’s possible, it almost by definition means that it won’t really be a comfy ride.

In short: you’re being unrealistic of what it takes to have 9000 people battling it out together at the same time.


If you as a developer care more about breaking records than providing an enjoyable gameplay experience for your users, someone is indeed unrealistic here. And it’s not me.

I do not need these slugfests, they are not engaging, they are not enjoyable, they are not fun. What I want is a game that lets me shoot my guns when I press F1-F8 instead of deciding for me that I should not be allowed to activate a single gun for 4 hours. I watched movies during these fights instead of watching my clients on grid and do things with them. If I sit in a world record breaking speedster, I cannot afford to lose a single second of attention to the landscape or my mobile. I have to laser focused on the instruments and the salt flats ahead of me. EVE is nothing like that. Big fights are not like world speed record breaking endeavors, they are more akin to torture.

Ok Karen.


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