CCP: Need to change how Cloak works

Well there and gone and done it KM. Sarcasm could not handle the strain. Its dead now. Hope you are happy. LOL

I’m ok with this, you can be 149km away from someone and they can affect your ship just by locking onto you?

Yeah bollocks.

If they’ve shot (and hit you) or you’re scrammed, then no, no cloak.

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So you want to give them another one?

And in what universe is this balanced game design?

There’s no other mechanic in the game (that I’m aware of) that won’t function when you’re locked.

Why should a cloak be any different? :thinking:

there is no other mechanic in the game (that I’m aware of) that turns you invisible.

that’s why cloaks should be different.

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As long as the mechanic that you can’t fire or target while in cloak, and keep the same recalibration parameters when uncloaking, I don’t think it’s a dramatic change.

yes I too see nothing wrong with invulnerable, uncatchable blops BBs

The other side of the coin:

I come through a gate and find a camp.
I uncloak (jump/gate cloak) to align and get targeted.
I have a cloak but can’t engage because I am targeted. Maybe by a ship 30-40+km away.
I’m dead.

Nothing wrong with that either. :roll_eyes:

no… there’s not.

you were outplayed.

you fell into their camp

the camp had an insta lock to counter your cloak.

you had fit your ship in such a way that a single mod being countered was enough to gg

thats not even close to

im losing best just cloak. why not just re-implement combat logging.

Why is this thread still going on? I already explained to the OP how it was a bad idea even before this thread was made (linked in one of the first responses).

Cloaking mid combat while targeted makes it way too easy to get out of a fight. Additionally, if used offensively in fleets, fighting in covops ships will become even more one-sided than it is now as every ship that gets focused can cloak up while the rest of the fleet keeps shooting.

It’s a bad idea, please drop it.


That’s correct. Also your reflexes sound as bad as mine.

Instalock doesn’t mean insta-scram.

Depending on the ship I’m in I may have 1 second align-warp. I’m still warping away. Just not under cloak.

did you forget what you said?

You could have let this die.


Oh crap… You’re right.