CCP Needs to sort these Scams out

This is getting out of hand …CCP needs to do something now or stop the charachter bazar

I started a convo with a guy sunday morning who was the real owner of the character i was trying to buy…he did not know what was going on only that he had been hacked.

Is it fair to try buy characters that are hacked? NO ITS NOT.

I also had a mail from another guy saying that i hope i got my isk back and that he seen my mails to his character …he was only after getting his char back from a hacking also

This is just wrong IMO…


Double authentication, maybe it should be mandatory as I bet you now both those guys didn’t have it.

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yeah would be an idea…but as far as i can see these scammers dont really bother ccp…they are prob using alot of isk buying the extractors stripping the accounts…used extractors = plex = cash to ccp

Im pretty salty about this at the moment …

CCP in no way would ever want account thieve’s its highly illogical and would ruin their reputation and game, if people take care of their account, they will not so easily get hacked.

People use the same password and account name for many different games/forum’s/site’s and this is how they get hacked, every game should have a unique account name and password and they will be fine, but people are lazy.

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Ruin their reputation? Sry I LoL’d hard there…

i got scamed and ccp returned my isk in less than 2 days so they are serious on this

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You do realize that for awhile eve was amazing and CCP was building a great reputation during this time, only recently all this started to happen it’s not like reputation disappears over night, its a buffer.

I was deceived, too. ISK and Mail send,So far there has been no role change。:(

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I would go in on RSA 2FA, but cell phone authentication will not work for me.

As long as everything is communicated through evemails and on the forum CCP should be able to zero in on any fraud.

Sounds to me like the owner of the character was selling the toon as is with all SP, then after finding a buyer and accepting the ISK they strip the sp and claim victim. Getting your ISK and all of the ISK from the SP.

The scamming appears to have glitched outside of the matrix. This should be dealt with harshly by CCP. Make a very bright shining example.

If a scam has occurred or believed to have occurred with a character, please file a support ticket as soon as possible. Character sales scams are not allowed in any way, shape or form or will be dealt with harshly. Please make sure to include as much information as possible to make the process easier for all involved. Thank you.


Wow, how wrong it is for CCP to get hacked and lose their customer info…

Oh wait, no, thats not what happened, some guy who used a 12345 password got hacked and lost his characters.

The stupidity of a man is the fault of the man alone.

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