CCP please count implant costs in total net worth calculations

Thank you, that is all.


Implants are part of the person so they can’t be counted as possession to be taxed. It’s like contact lenses.

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Once theyre injected, their isk value is zero so really they are counted.


@Shower_Ben_Dover You give no reason why they should do that.

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They also need to add up the cost of vegetables and cabbage.

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:apple: and :tangerine: by the pound, itemized please.

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With the sole exception of those events when implants actually drop or have a chance to drop. :wink:

Speaking of which a funny thing of note is looking at zkillboard during those times you can see some people actually extract their implants on such occasions to regain them and I assume sell them or use them later on.

Oh yeah I forgot about that lame idea.


Can you sell the implants that are on you? :rofl:

Yes. When you sell the character on the bazaar.

He doesn’t need a reason, only a whim.

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But, if he proposed this to a csm member like brisc, his first question would be why?


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