[Price Check] Agarii 92M SP

Hi guys o/

Quick question about price my character. I have got implants also.

Ty for your time



I would give you 67B

You will profit just under 71bil to extract the SP and sell the injectors… then the 5 MIL sp base char if you extract it to still be useful could be sold for another 4-5bil if you leave cybernetics V.

If I were you I would look to get around 75bil.

Low ballers (myself included) make money by buying char’s under the extraction value, strip out the sp, and then use the remaining 5mil SP char as a skill farmer (which gives you a free omega account)

TY Guys

And read the rules, you will need to be in NPC corp and have positive wallet before selling it… GL whatever you decide :slight_smile:

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