CLOSED - WTS 2006 5 M SP Character with lot of Implants and cool Trig Skins

2006 Character

Kikimora Netherwold Striker SKIN - 9 B

Nergal Nifihel Gildclaw SKIN - 4 B

One Improved/Missile Implant Set worth 1.15 B
One High Grade Nirvana Set worth 2.8 B

One Complete Mid Grade Crystal Set worth 1 B
One Mid/High Grade Crystal Set worth 1.15 B

Has LP worth ~400 to 600 Million

Has Capital Ships, Caldari/Minmatar Dreadnought and Carrier Skill Books Injected - worth 2 B

Total worth = ~20-22 B

Positive sec status
Several jump clones with decent implants all in high sec.
Located in Hek
All CCP rules apply

Better than creating your own character and injecting these capital skills

Looking for 15 B or best offer.

Still for sale

How many remaps available?

Sadly, none.


4b? offeeeer

Still for sale

5 bill offer

Thanks for the offer. Looking for more.

how much we talking then?

It’s there up in my post but I’d be willing to settle at 10

for 5 mill SP, na prob worth like i said 5 bill tops. As im the highest bid atm.

Not selling for only SP but also the SKINS and skillbooks. No problem though. I can wait or trash it if I needed to make space.

your selling it as it is, with total skill points, that is what a character is worth, you dont put add ons to make it sell, people here buy toons for the skills. Id like to see it sell for 10 bill or more because i cant see that happening, gl with sale.

Sure. I’ve been here a long time to know that there are people who will pay premium for a toon they want. It’s fine if doesn’t sell though. I’ll just trash it.

Up to the top

To the top again

The sale of characters with SKINs is permitted, and prices of characters can be adjusted as seen fit by the seller to reflect the value of their skin collection on the character being sold.

Just as a fyi

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i will throw a bid of 6 bil good for the next 2 hours

10 B and we can trade.