[PRIVATE SALE] Selling myself for 10b. I have 5mil sp

Selling myself for 10b. I have 5mil sp.

Buying for 10 Bil Transferred to Star Dragonsbane’s wallet.



Considering the details (or rather the lack of / activity etc.) on those two this post looks like furniture for a scam to me. :smirk: something a scammer can point to & say “see 10b for a 5m toon is normal”.

I’m pretty sure it’s not by the way :wink: I mean, enough ISK to buy enough PLEX for 6 months worth of game time / in exchange for clone with 3-4 months of free alpha clone training? sounds a bit unlikely to me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Exactly. Besides which, where is the eveboard link to prove you even have 5m sp and in which skills.

Smells fishy…

It’s not fishy, its called my son (which denies doing it but claims it was a hack) sold my toon. I have had this toon since 2006 when I first started playing and was a sentimental thing for me. Unfortunately, I was at the mercy of the holder as eve CCP Huginn wasn’t able to do anything for me. This is a legimate purchase and at least I don’t have to buy the skill books and the implants in this toon is worth approx. 5 bil alone. Hope that clears up the confusion.

I bought this character (confirmed on the old forums). Yesterday I agreed to return him to his original owner. Adamon rightfully indicates that the character had several bil in implants and skill books, in addition to his sentimental value.

1000 plex is in plex vault and waiting to be transferred by CCP. No scam.

Implants can make a big difference to price yes, I can accept that, I would have expected to see them listed as part of the sales pitch if they were that significant though :slight_smile:

That does seem closer to what I’d expect & a lot less than the 10b (ISK?) sale price given in the OP?

You gotta admit it did look fishy though :slight_smile:

I think you misunderstood me. This guy did pay 10bil for the character including the implants and such. The 1000 plex is the transfer cost, so I got to keep about 6.5bil. Character is out of my hands now. @Adamon_Palmero please enjoy.

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