CCP please develop better tools to detect and remove multibox gankers

Posting Zkillboard links here won’t do anything ‘official’ although it might draw some player eyes to the specific pilots/systems this is occurring in.

Report it and link evidence via the bot reporting tools. CCP won’t take instant action, it might be months before they check it. But they do check it.

OP, you realize that in-game functions for fleet control accomplish like 90% of what goes into making a gank, right? And that the only real set of inputs a ganker has to make is targeting and shooting? Modern keyboards have simple macro recording functions that can, for example, alt-tab and press the targeting hotkey with a single button press, and this is allowed.

If you look at the kills being made, you can see that the damage figures are all staggered, meaning that all of the shooters aren’t activated at the same time, but at short intervals, so input broadcasting isn’t being used.

Stop crying wolf just because you’re personally offended by their play style, unless you have concrete proof that this player is breaking the rules.


Does fleet control also enable the fleet with auto targetting and firing automatically for every ship at the same time?

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-2 subs from me because ccp clearly condone this behavior with these incentives.

It is simple: I no longer trust the game developers to manage a reasonable economy. At the core of my frustration here is the economic imbalance and impact of the last event.

My time is wasted in an environment managed by whoever made these decisions. Gatecamping and taking candy from kiddos just isn’t my idea of fun or a good game design.

Needlejacking in nice ships/ roaming/small gang pvp fighting outnumbered, pushing your ship to its maximum, warfare positioning and the art of the kill - this is why I play.

What eve is right now is a horribly managed cashino- new players will not stay


huh are we looking at the same data ? first 5 kills i look at there is a cascade of damage from for example 5000 down to 600 , how is this a cluster of the same number . the data clearly shows the gankers shooting one after another with the first getting many many more hits than the last to fire.

perhaps you have some sort of agenda ?

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Fair enough. How about this one - 3 of the coercers within 0.2% of each other for total damage:

depends on the rate of fire of the guns but its not hard to get 2 or 3 characters with the same number of shots if the target dies fast enough, it can take a second or less to switch character and fire

Why it’s a Better Game™, of course.

Lots of players get a reality check when playing this game. They think, and always thought, that EVE Online is for them, but in actuality it very much isn’t. The realization that the game requires genuine academic intelligence and street smarts for success is too much to bear for people who have thus far made a career of gaming by “memorizing rotations” or parroting gamer jargon like “solo mid” to feel like they’re part of the in crowd. And so the only pro-gamer move they have left to pull is to retire.

Like that guy up there who has thousands of kills and is waxing poetic about “roaming” and playing for the “art of the kill,” but doesn’t actually understand the game at a deep enough level to throw a shield-extended travel fit on his 1-billion-ISK gank bait PvP Vagabond.

That is a perfectly valid statistical outcome.


Seems interessting. A bit of info: the person in the first zkill link got permabanned for delaying concord response. It made some waves in the russian highsec gank community.

One thing you might want to consider is the OP has to guess who got banned. If the information was made available, it would help players identify them when they come back. Further, it would encourage their “friends” to assist CCP by identifying the player But as we don’t get the official story we are left guessing. Why do they leave us guessing? I can think of only a few reasons, and they aren’t any good.

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Just wanted to pop in, in regards to posting zkill, you can’t use it on the forums to troll someone etc. Other than that, your uses here are fine, per rules.


This thread will be locked due to bot apologist spam. Though the bots will not be banned.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Its in the name. Harvest. Harvesting tears from hs cry babies.

At least EvE still has something going for it. Nowhere is safe. I like that. Thats why a lot of people came to this game.


Stations are safe.

Logging off is safe.

uhh how in the world did they do that…

Multi-boxing input-broadcast = paid subs for CCP.

Their outrage against it is purely a façade.

They will put on full display a handful of violators once in a while, like the DEA posing in front of stacks of cash and hash… it’s meaningless offering to the gullible. Not even a drop in the bucket.

As long as Kusion et al are paying, CCP doesn’t care.


it is enough for a man to say out loud three sentences to a laptop, and silly ones will make a topic of it for several dozen posts full of huge texts and all kinds of wisdom… magic

multi boxing and input broadcasting are different things conflating them suggests you have an agenda.

i multibox same as most gankers (and miners/mission runners/ war deccers/ null pvpers/ wormhole delvers/ lowsecers etc) but dont input broadcast , there is literally no need to input broadcast for ganking. if people struggle to press fire on multiple accounts by themselves then all i can do is lol.


What you need to do is simply this, contact all the people who were ganked by these people and ask for their logs. Check them carefully, if you see more than 6 per second starting to fire then they are probably botting and you should then forward the logs to CCP so they can assess it themselves.

Nothing much else needs to be said.